Double post _ Please delete this one - wrong sub

  • Hi !

    Here is my latest track , if a fast one @ 160. This one should wake you up ;)

    Wasting your life

    I'm still testing the JCM 800 on spring settings, & I love it more & more. Well did I mention I like the JCM800 ;)

    The Vox complements the Marshall quite well as it's very bright for crunch rhythm , harmonizing and mix cutting leads vs that huge wall of Marshall tone.

    The bass is Rumble & 59 Fender.

    Don't mind the stupid vocals , that was just me growling in my SM57 , but for once I almost liked my voice there with that over-processed tone.

  • waraba

    Changed the title of the thread from “Punchy Rock track - JCM800 meets AC15” to “Double post _ Please delete this one - wrong sub”.