Interesting MIDI Controller from Harley Benton

  • Got one yesterday and tried it quickly. It does exactly what it is supposed to :) Didn't have to configure anything and it can be powered from the Kemper USB port, too.

    In performance mode, the right-side Up/Down changes your performance.

    And the ABCD buttons switch between the first 4 slots in a performance. Press C = Slot 3 is activated. Press A = Slot 1 is activated, etc.

    The top row buttons 1-3 appear to toggle the profile Stomps/Stack/Effects settings (top row of the Kemper) on/off. Not sure what button 4 does with a Kemper.

    The buttons themselves feel quite cheap and "wiggly", so I wouldn't expect it to last in a live setting. The unit however is very sturdy, like a Boss pedal. So you could probably just replace the push-buttons with better ones to make it a really strong controller :)

  • Hi, can you set all 8 buttons to switch slots, across different performances? Cheers, Greg

    Sry, not sure. I think this would work using nrpn. You might want to check this to dig deeper:

    CK: NRPN Advanced MIDI documentation request

    Thomann controller is rebranded Meloaudio MA1010 controller.

    You can download manual here

    Yes, it actually goes under different brands.

    I had to return twice times because the software was faulty and wouldn't let me change CC commands to PC when in custom mode. Now that it works it's great for me, all I need + I can control my DAW from here.


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