Reamping - Edirol Fa-66

  • Hey everyone,

    i want to use the spdif outs of the kemper for reamping. i use the edirol fa-66...
    my problem is that the fa-66 has "toslink" inputs... so i need a converter.

    [Blocked Image:]

    has anyone experience with this?
    is there a loss of quality or information when using converters and how cheap can i go with this?
    i found some but they were quiet expensive (30-40€)...

    have a nice day :)

  • hey,
    you can buy the cheapest one from amazon or ebay, BUT!!! digital reamping won't work with Edirol/Roland/Cakewalk-interfaces, cause every Signal is send to digital Out AND analog outputs. If you're choosing the Ditigal In, it's directly monitored on every output (Monitor switch is disabled) -> no chance to reamp!

    Have the Edirol UA-25 and asked the support and get this answer:


    Sehr geehrter R-A-P-H,
    vermutlich geht es bei Ihre Anfrage um eine On/Off-Schaltung des SP-DIF-Inputs. Eine solche Möglichkeit besteht am UA-25 leider nicht.
    Derzeit gibt es von unserer Seite kein Audio-Interface, bei dem eine derartige Steuerung vorgesehen ist.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ best regards


    For the non-german-speaking people out there:
    He confirmed that reamping with the UA-25 isn't possible, and non of their products have such a possibility!