When a flaw turns into a feature

  • Since I got my first Profiler 6 years ago, I had been wondering why a USB pendrive needs to be formatted in the outdated FAT32 file system (as opposed to the ubiquitous exFAT). Finally, today I learned why it's not a flaw but a welcome feature. :)

    I'm a happy owner of an RME UFX+ audio interface which sports a nice feature called DuRec … direct recording to a connected USB pendrive or SSD. Although it's a pretty new device, it still requires FAT32 but it's unable to format a connected device. Since Windows doesn't have builtin support for FAT32 formatting anymore, I appreciate to have the Profiler being able to execute this "difficult" task … and saves me from installing 3rd party software just for FAT32 formatting.

    So, if I ever stop playing and/or recording guitar, here's the reason not to sell my Kemper :D



  • Ironic, Martin, that I've always been able to format FAT32 (or ExFAT for that matter) using the Mac OS's built-in Disk Utility.

    To put the shoe on the other foot, I imagine it'd be like hearing, as a Windows user, that Apple's Disk Utility no longer allowed one to format HFS+.

    I've not needed to use the Kemper to format any sticks thanks to DU; I imagine it'd take a lot longer on the KPA.

  • My post was meant to be more on the fun side of life. :)

    I know that there's no benefit of using exFAT on the Profiler, maybe apart from FAT32 slowly fading away from the computer world.

    In other applications like the DuRec on my RME UFX+, things look very different. Maximum filesize can quickly become an issue (I can give more details on request). For now I'll just state that in media production (especially video but audio as well), a maximum filesize of 4GB is a serious issue.

    The main reason for not using exFAT is the required licencing (and its cost) … and I completely understand that Kemper isn't interested in paying significant licence fees while it won't benefit the product.

    Bottomline: All fine in Kemperland, we can all get back to making christmas cookies now :D

  • What I didn't say before...

    ... FAT32 certainly has problems, but exFAT is a Windows concern. Actually, not even that. It's only a Windows 10 concern which only has a 40% adoption rate among Windows users.

    The rest of the world doesn't care about exFAT.