Any input on the EV ZLX 12P's for W/D/W Rig

  • Those kind of sounded the worst when I a/b'd a bunch of monitors at guitar center and I ended up with the yamaha dx10r. To me they lacked depth and were a little harsh/high endy. I've read some people like those tho, so that's just my .02.

  • Since the core of your sound is the Bogner 4x12, I'd feel safe with these as the wets. Honestly, they might be a little overkill.

    I agree with oozish that they can be a little harsh/brittle in the high end, and I eventually sold mine. As side fills I wouldn't see that being as critical.

  • Thanks! for $300 for the pair, its worth a shot. Currently, Im using two QSC K12's, which also serves as my PA. But, I wanted my Rig stand alone. I guess worst case scenario, I can use the EV's for the PA if I don't get along with them with the Kemper.