SOLVED Loud Pop When Powering Down Kemper

  • Hello Everyone,

    Ive previously posted about my Kemper freezing while simultaneously trying to use the remote looper and browse delays. I was told that the issue could be recreated and I was overloading the DSP. Today I was trying to dial in some sounds while browsing the delays, once again the sound cut out and the screen became very slow. I was not using the looper and did not have many effects enabled at the time. When powering down the unit, a massive pop rang through my speakers. I feared for both myself and the speakers lol. But for real, my poor 5" monitor's speakers visibly flexed an 1/2", which I like to keep to a minimum. Anyone else have this issue?

  • kylehoegen

    Changed the title of the thread from “Loud Pop When Powering Down Kemper” to “SOLVED Loud Pop When Powering Down Kemper”.