[Tone Junkie] 50% off JTM45 Kemper Profile Pack

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    The JTM45 Kemper Profile Pack captures the sound of this KT66 classic. This profile pack features 41 profiles in 4 profile sets capturing every sound hidden within this classic design. Profiles marked "N" feature the Normal channel and an EQ designed to deliver plenty of girth and British style midrange for brighter sounding guitars. "T" profiles feature High Treble channel of the amp, with the EQ dialed in for more high end clarity and upper mids. Profiles marked "J" feature both these channels jumped together giving you more breakup at the phase inverter with plenty of high end and girth! "Max" profiles feature the amps EQ controls all set to 10. This produces a different sound and character than using the eq to dial in the tone. Here you will find many, many, many of the classic British sounds you have heard on records. Not only do you get the sound of the amp with all controls maxed but this same sound with the gain of both channels dialed back for varying levels of this classic British Tone. As a bonus we have included several pedals pushing this amp at our favorite settings.
    + - indicates a KLONE pedal pushing the amp
    SD1 - indicates a Boss SD-1 is pushing the amp
    KOT OD - indicates the OD side of a King of Tone
    KOT Dist - indicated the Distortion side of the King of Tone

    This one is all Killer...no filler!