Questions for those using a powered speaker....

  • Greetings, I've got a non powered kemper rack version. I'm ready to purchase a powered speaker to use as a tone reference for me when I do live gigs. I'll be sending the L and R XLR channels to the mixing board.

    I'm wondering about Monitor out and Direct Output Send. I was using both of them into a stereo power amp and running two cabs from the power amp. That gave L and R signals so I'm close to hearing what the audience would hear. I edited my effects like delays this way so I can hear the L and R effects and how much to add or take away.

    Now, many of the powered speakers that I've seen are not stereo, I'd probably have to go Monitor out to the input of a single powered speaker.

    That means it's no longer a L and R signal.

    I guess I could get 2 powered speakers and run L and R. They would have to be less quality models because of limited funds.

    But those of you that use a good quality single powered monitor, how do your effects sound in mono if you tweaked them when you ran stereo? What was it like playing live? What did you have to adjust?

    Thanks for the assistance.

  • If your power amp/powered speaker has a link, send your outputs to that and then link to the FOH.

    My setup is a hybrid: Powered Head. Monitor (pwr amp) out set Master L then out to Cab (Cab sim off)

    Main outputs set to Master Stereo (there is no Master R)

    R (XLR) to my monitor wedge with a link which goes to FOH R

    L (XLR) to FOH L

    That way FOH gets Stereo

    and so do I


  • I am loving my EV-zlx-12p. Recommended to me by another forum member, MuddySludge. I use this live. No cab behind me. Big full sound with adjustable eq. Plenty of volume and I feel that it is a true representation of the FOH sound. I run it from monitor out, cab sim on of course. I do have delays set up in stereo and I am satisfied with the sound in mono through the EV. Now, I never ran it in true stereo prior so have nothing to compare to, but I truly love it. And it is cheap enough that you could always get a second if you really wanted stereo.