Problem with monitoring (M32 and ears)

  • Hi guys,

    I had a problem a while ago on a live gig and I know it didn’t come from the Kemper but, I’d like to know if anybody else has had the same issue. Let me explain :

    It was the first date of a month long tour and we had rehearsed for 2 days prior to that (during which, I had no problem at all). We had a very short soundcheck and, all of a sudden, the Kemper sounded in my in ear monitors as if you’d listen to the reverb bus on its own in a daw, or like a cranked Marshall with reverd and delay pedals in front of it. Like, whenever I activated the delays, the feedbacks were 2 or 3 times louder than my actual playing, thus unusable.

    The weird thing is that it didn’t sound like that in the FOH or in my bandmates’s ears... And it surely didn’t help that our soundguy wouldn’t help me, considering it was my own problem since he didn’t hear it on his end.

    I did the whole gig with minimal reverb (which, due to the circumstances, sounded like a cavern rev.). The next day, I had the same issue but, this time, the guitar tech listened to my mix and proved me right so we swapped mixes. The 3rd day, the problem disappeared on all mixes but, we never found were it could have been from...

    We had a M32 for our ears and managed our mixes with the app. I never opened a different menu than the faders and pans page.

    Can anybody think of a reason why this happened? In case the problem ever shows up again...


  • Hey there,

    Any chance you, or even another band member may have sent your guitar input to effects in the M32? Do you guys have a verb or delay for your ears that your guitar was accidentally sent to that bus as well?

  • Hmm. Could this have been the result of one of your channels being flipped? Were your ears in mono with a stereo feed? Or mono with the second channel as 'more me' but flipped?

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