Profile Remote - When I press 2, it goes to 1. Please see video for what I am talking about.

  • So - I made my first performance with my remote. When I press down on the 2 slot, it goes to the 1 slot. This ONLY HAPPENS on this performance. It does not happen on other performances that came stock with the remote.

    Sent Kemper the video, they said it's a hardware issue and I may have to return it, but they aren't 100% sure.

    Can anyone see what this issue may be?

  • Please validate, that this is really just affecting this one Performance. It looks more like a hardware defect of your Remote, but then it should happen with all functions associated with that particular button in all Performances as well as in Browser Mode and when you use the Looper.

    Otherwise, what happens if you rebuild that Performance just copying&pasting those 5 Slots into another Performance? You can later reshuffle the Performances.

    Are you using current software 5.5.2 release or 5.6.2 public beta?

  • I seem to remember having a similar issue a year ago or so. I know I sound like a broken record, but the performance mode needs some stability love (especially RM).

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  • I also had this issue, rebuilt the performance and it disappeared. Hard to tell the cause but I felt like it got a bit confused when I edited the same performance on the Kemper itself and also in Rig Manager. Could have been a some sort of syncing issue.