When u tweak someones rig, can u post it under your name on RigManager? Credit given? . . .

  • If I tweak(modify) the EQ on someones rig, can I repost it to Rig Manager? If so, should credit be given to the orig persons


    Or maybe it can’t be added to RM if there are tags embedded? I don’t know, haven’t tried yet.


    - Rob

  • Hi,

    I believe the general consensus is that RM shouldn't be cluttered with 'everybody and his uncle's' (no offence intended) tweaks of existing rigs.

    Only in the rare case where you believe you have made something special out of an existing rig go upload but don’t forget the references and credits to the original rig.

    Your personal EQ tweakings to make a rig fit better to your own guitar arsenal hardly qualify for something special though IMO so you should better keep it restrictive.

  • It would be nice if there were a way to designate your own personal profiles, that you personally make, as being public domain, or freely usable by anyone who wants to change, or augment them in an way they see fit. Maybe a meta tag that lets people know the author is open to that somehow, maybe a Public Domain checkbox .

    I would give my permission for something like this. I'd be honored if someone picked the profile I made, to establish their own version of how it should sound. I'd want to play the amp/cabinet combo they made, and hear their preference.

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  • The terms of use for the Rig Exchange state that you must be the original author of any profiles you upload, otherwise you risk being banned from using the Rig Exchange completely.

    If you get permission from the original author and think that the Rig is worth sharing, you can repost it on the forum or one of the Facebook groups, using a hosting service like Dropbox.