Pedals in front of Kemper - Help

  • Hey guys, I noticed that my ts808 sounds very different, and much better, than the green scream stomp box that comes stock in the kemper. Is there a way to save that tone so that I don't need to keep putting the actual pedal in front of the kemper? The reason I am asking is I only want that pedal to be engaged for my rhythm sound and not the clean and lead tones. I've tried dialing in the green scream stop box as close as possible to the ts808 but using the actual pedal still sounds way better. Thanks for the help!

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  • Gotcha , so I need to put it in front of my amp and dial it in, and then I would capture the amp with preamp in front in a profile

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  • If you Profile just the pedal, you have s profile of just the pedal.

    But, You can connect the pedal to a guitar amplifier, and create a Profile of the pedal connected to the amp.

    Yeah but I don't have the amp that was used in the original profile. The profile that is already made in the kemper sounds perfect when putting the ts808 in front of it. I want to save that. It doesn't look like there is a way to do it from everything I've read so far on the internet. Unless I had a second kemper to make a profile of that exact sound. Or if I had a studio with reamping gear I could record a track of the tone along with the dry guitar DI and reamp a the tone into a profile. Unfortunately I don't have that option at the moment.

  • If you stick your pedal in the loop you can program it to come on with only your rhythm patches, but that consumes a Stomp slot.

    I also feel like external gain pedals have more of something than the built in stomps, but I can't be bothered. They still sound great.

  • You're probably enjoying the sound of your ts808 slamming the input of the Kemper. Try using the Green Scream with either the Pure Boost or the Lead Boost in front of the Green Scream. Then try them both individually post the Green Scream in your signal chain. One of those four possibilities should get you closer to what you are looking for.

    IMO the Green Scream in the Kemper reacts differently with different profiles. Just like my Maxon OD-808 sounds different in front of my Orange than it does in front of my Bogner or Marshall Tube Amps.

  • If you really dig your 808 and don't mind consuming a slot i would go totally go with Finally's suggestion.

    Here are two videos that you may find helpful. The first is just a Green Scream video about the mix control. The second video has a trick that may help you get closer to the tone that you're looking for...unfortunately it'll take 2 slots though:(

  • I think we all have our own perceptions of what sounds best, no right or wrong just different. For me personally i can't live
    without my old maxon od808 with tube amps or with kemper, so i've stopped fretting over it and added it back to my pedal board,
    if you don't use a pedal board just stick it in a stomp loop as someone suggested. For what its worth i've tried with the green scream
    and its not as bad as some people say, id say its 95% (audience wouldn't notice but we're a fickle bunch us guitarists), i also use an hx effects
    and id say the line 6 tube screamer is a bit better but i stick with the maxon.