Profiler and Display issue( Stripes in the Display), Streifen im Display

  • Hello together,

    I have a brand new Kemper and liked it very much. Start to play and enjoyed it. Suddenly I see these stripes in the Display! So, I tried to adjust the contrast. The display contrast can not adjust even.

    Some Areas are darker some brighter. It look like there are Stripes in the display. I search it in google and found people with the same issue.

    It is a no go at this price point. When the contrast adjusted higher you can't see the stripes than it looks like normal. There is the same issue in the Remote

    Stripes when you turn the contrast low.

    The remote contrast changed automatically that's the first time I saw it.

    I remember that I turned the contrast on the remote near to low and it was ok. Sitting in front of the KPA and from one second to the other I saw the stripes in the remote display.

    Also the Browser and the Type knobs haptic felling isn't that good. Feels cheap.

    For me in high end Audio business, the Tone, Haptic, Optical,.... had to have a very good Quality.