profile levels

  • When I look for a good sounded clean profile I scroll through RM with only the given word CLEAN in Search for.. I hit one to listen to (headphones come up in front of profile ) and then it's just scrolling down eacht time. My kpa is connected to a 22 channel mixer from the two main outs with two TS cables to two channel inputs and on each channel I have the corresponding pfl on so I can monitor the incoming signals.

    It's very noticable that those incoming signals from profiles vary a lot in volume. Previously I have found good clean profiles but a lot of them give me much trouble to get rid of the clipping on my mixing desk and thus of balancing with the other profiles for which I have been able to stay within the green volume area., even the distorted ones. On stage these differences cause problems for the the one who controls the mixing desk.

    The real problem is to decrease that volume clipping for such a clean profile in the first place at home. Checking every fx, clean and distortion sense, reverb, delay a.s.o., and decreasing volume of the used amp to far - dB often doesn't help. Still I want a good sounding clean (verse used) profile for matching a distorted solo ( a bit louder).

    Any advise on this?