Landing on the dark side of the moon - first track of 2019

  • Here is a new track featuring my new Waldorf streichfett ( well ...brand new 2nd hand ) , a great tool for getting these fat organic 70's pads & strings I really dug as a kid.

    Landing on the dark side of the moon

    It's five tracks of the waldorf , sent to KPA for analog tube tone & tape delays. I also did some background guitar parts ( muted notes , arp, e-bow) and some Hofner bass parts.

    Hope you enjoy this one and you have a nice landing for 2019.

  • Unbelievable Renaud!, Modern feel but with that smooth psychedelic Retro vibe., absolutely love it man. This reminds me of when we did research on the dark side of the moon and found out from former employee's of NASA that they quote "Donna Hare, a NASA design illustrator with secret clearance, said UFOs were routinely airbrushed out of high altitude photos of the Earth before being released to the public." (Washington post article). Plus they found bases towards the dark side of the moon....All kept from the public of cause.

    Bases on the moon ...Maybe thats a good title for R's next track hahahaa .


    Have a beer and don't sneer. -CJ. Two non powered Kempers -Two mission stereo FRFR Cabs - Ditto X4 -TC electronic Mimiq.

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  • Thx guys, you seem to like the waldorf ;) It sounds so great once sent to the KPA especially with tape delays, I wonder what next step will be with the upcoming stereo verbs :)

    Yes space music is also the kind I dig, so expect some more from me , the next one is almost ready yet.

    I'm really impressed by the Chinese mission on the dark side ... UFO bases ??? have you seen that movie Ash ?

    The main pad sounds a lot like a JD-800

    I did not know this great roland synth , but yeah the tones are pretty close according to what I've seen on YT, but my Streichfett looks ridiculous compared to this huge cockpit desktop JD800 lol.

  • I know, right? That thing was a beast.

    Fortunately Roland later released the JD-990, a 2U rack-mount, enhanced version of the 800. Same sound, but increased modulation capabilities. I owned one back in '93 but foolishly sold it. Circa 2013 I bought a 2nd-hand one (quite expensive). The dude who drove it over to my place cooked the screen in the sun, and that part of the refurbishment alone cost $550 (he refused to accept any responsibility). All up I spent around $1400 getting my new, old baby up-to-scratch. I loved the filters so much back in '93 that the sound stuck in my head all those years and I always knew I'd re-buy the unit one day.

    Interestingly, the SR-JV80 Vintage board, which is "mandatory" for the unit if you want to get the most out of it, received a warning from Roland last year (covering all SR-JV80 cards) that the capacitor chosen back in the day of manufacture was dodgy in the long term. Roland apologised and said it would try to do better in future. In the meantime, we owners of any such boards are faced with the risk of meltdown and terminally-damaged cards or replacing the capacitors ourselves. :rolleyes:

  • I'll bet it does, Renaud!

    The JD-990 is in fact "digital gear"; it's a ROMPler, which is all-the-more remarkable 'cause the filters are to die for. To this day I've not heard a VI that sports anything quite like them. The hard-sync behaviour and sound is awesome too, another thing that's rare for a ROMPler.

    The SR-JV80 Vintage board is digital gear too; it's basically a ROM card holding waveforms and patch data. Unlike in the case of any other compatible host synth, the card offers an additional 256 patches over and above the factory ones (double the patch capacity) that were specifically programmed for the JD. The capacitor issue is with the card. Don Solaris (the JD man) himself has told me that it's not worth taking my chances and that I ought to get the capacitor replaced. Even if the unit hasn't been used (no temperature changes) through the years, the one Roland chose will apparently eventually fail (leak and blow up / burn the expansion board); it's just a matter of time. I rang Roland head office and the sales and support guys hadn't even heard about this. I'm talking to a Roland tech on Monday who I'd assume will be up with things.

    This is a first AFAIK; I've not heard of any digital-synth hardware expansion's having had this issue in the history of "modern" (digital) synthesis, which goes back to the early '80s at least. It's a bit of a big deal also 'cause Roland produced 22 of these boards (19 "full" libraries and 3 "demos"), covering everything from country music to sound FX . Interestingly, the SFX board contained Spectrasonics waveforms 'cause Erik worked for Roland. Also, he programmed patches and at least one factory demo for the JD-990.

    All this said, I agree that in almost every case, we're safe with our digital synths. The only issues we routinely run into are dirty / worn-out pots, failing LCD screens and noisy / intermittent TRS-output jacks.

  • Beautiful, Renaud! Always awesome to see a fellow guitarist dive deep into the synth world!

    Thx Arvind, I used to do my pads with my own rigs ( using swell delay) but I really like that Streichfett once sent to the kemper, the whole gives very organic tones. Keys looks quite easy to build harmonies vs guitars , they both complement each other very well.

    The next track we'll be released soon, it's sounding good enough , thx to the gorgeous synths & strat tones I used :)

  • the one Roland chose will apparently eventually fail (leak and blow up / burn the expansion board); it's just a matter of time.

    sounds like programmed obsolescence or bad engineering choices, what a pain ... I guess these 19 card would now easily fit on a 4GB usb token , and the whole synth on a 200 MB VST, but that would not replace the filters that looks really killer. I'm really OK with my 130€ second hand waldorf that will occupy 40 cm2 on my desk ! Anyway once mixed up on my track, if it does the trick even for a trained ear like yours , I'm really pleased.

    Do you have any track with your synth for me to listen ?

  • Do you have any track with your synth for me to listen ?

    Haven't recorded the "new" refurbed unit; it's been sitting in my rack for at least 6 years and the one I used in '93 only appeared on demos I made back then; I don't share these "sacred" recordings. In fact, I've never uploaded a single bar of anything I've done to the 'net. :huh:

    I guess these 19 card would now easily fit on a 4GB usb token

    I was wrong; there were 22 in total, and oh yes, I think they just might have fitted on a 4G stick; they were 8mb each! So, the entire collection used only 168mb and you could have fitted all the cards onto the sick 24 times over. :huh: Efficiency in looping samples was mandatory in those days. On top of that Roland used a proprietary-compression algorithm on the waveforms.

    sounds like programmed obsolescence or bad engineering choices

    Definitely a bad-engineering choice to go with that particular capacitor. Roland admitted this and apologised to all SR-JV80 customers last year, saying it would strive to do better in future. It really is a big deal 'cause, as I suggested, it's unprecedented, but it also turns out that the card line was the most-popular Roland ever made. Some of them became instant classics, and they're compatible with the entire JV, XP & XV range (that's a lot of synths) and even the Fantom.

    I had a JV-2080 with 8 of 'em in there, and years later an XV-5080 fully-loaded too; I've probably bought and sold 30+ cards. Bought the Vintage card alone at least 6 times over now(!). Point being that these cards were the currency everyone relied on to take the Roland ROMPlers to where they needed them to be sonically, and they were used literally-everywhere.

    Going to call the Roland head-office tech when I'm done posting. Hopefully he'll allow me to mail my card in for repair... :/