NAMM 2019

  • oooh, I’ve seen Banned from Utopia a couple of times locally to where I live. Fantastic musicians.... I went due to a friend of mine being a massive Zappa fan and, whilst I don’t know where to start with 100+ album back catalogue, I certainly enjoyed it - they were great :)

    You start with Apostrophe and Overnight Sensation like any regular folks that might wear tennis shoes or the occasional python boot.

    They are usually available as a double CD. Of course if you're listening on Spotify or something then that's irrelevant

    If you want to hear some really awesome stuff from Vai check out Jazz Discharge Party Hats and Dangerous kitchen both from the Man Form Utopia album.

  • It’s not as fun as you’d think. I stopped going because it’s just too much shit that I don’t care about, too loud, and I just don’t really care.

    You've stopped. Ive never been once. I'd like to go enough times to say that lol...

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • wow, it's possible , they sync the tap tempolight to the delays :)

    That's a really great invention. :)

    It sounds really good, but I haven't heard anything that you can't do with the Kemper.

    In any case for Live with enough good quality. (Especially if the new reverbs are universally applicable)

    For a live performance it is much too complicated to set up different sounds and I think you will use some plug-ins or other devices in the studio today.

    Even for Armateur recordings there are many inexpensive plug-ins available.

    To me it seems to be a prestige object to own this Strymon. It will find its buyers, because the quality is good.

    Kemperians will probably survive without it. ;)

  • Which is exactly why they'll want to look progressive to those retailers by releasing something more compelling than last year, no?

    Yep, and that brings me to a point, seems like they have rushed the latest beta for NAMM.

    Is anybody else surprised that they released the verbs without the preset management?,

    I thought that was the whole point to the wait.

    The reported bugs, the I can’t find the new rig manager to update, update via USB recommended by Kemper?

    Much as I want try the new verbs I’ll wait for the official release, looks like they have hit a problem somewhere, I’m sure it will be solved in time though..

  • Yeah, it's a shame that the preset management overhaul isn't ready yet. There's now 365 presets in total on my toaster, which is a lot to scroll through when going for a particular wah. And that's assuming that the preset management is what I think it is; i.e. limiting visible presets to the currently selected effect. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge problem; I'll just take an afternoon to sort my favourite presets to the front of the list with the name-change trick.

    But hey, it's nice to finally get to try the fabled reverbs. And they sound great to me. I was itching to get a stereo reverb unit for the last 4 years but held off. I should have just got one at the time, but I guess a lot of it was good old GAS from seeing the Strymon and Boss units emerge. The legacy Kemper reverb was fine, and the new ones are excellent.

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  • Quote

    But hey, it's nice to finally get to try the fabled reverbs. And they sound great to me.

    Yes it was and they sound GREAT to me as well!

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • I was gutted the Beta didn’t include the new preset management to be honest. I have zero use for 99.99% of any reverbs so I wasn’t exactly holding my breath waiting for them but whe I heard about the preset management upgrade I got as excited as eveelse was about the reverbs amd stsrted watching everyday for the relase to finally drop ^^

    The new reverbs do sound awesome and I will probably manage to find a use for some very subtle Natural Reverb settings - just a hint of ambience, hall or plate reverb but all that other stuff isn’t for me. Glad the guys that need it finally got it though. Enjoy guys.

    Fortunately, I bought the Kemper for what it did already rather than what it might do in future and contues to do this with ease. All the updates are a bonus so I’m not complaining but I am stil desperate to see what the new preset management looks like. To be perfectly honest I’m REALLY hoping it includes a total rewrite of Rig Manager but anything that ends the scroll of death will ge gratefully received ;)

  • I've saved a bunch of my tweaked versions of the presets and put a 1 on the front. I only go into the defaults (using the arrow keys for page at a time) if I want something new, then I save it with a 1 before I start tweaking it. I'm looking forward to what they've got up their sleeves though. ?

  • What is this preset management everyone’s bringing up?

    The scroll to end all scrolls, it was never good but got ridiculous after the delay updates, presumably the update will allow you to select your effect algorithm and then see only the factory or user presets for that algorithm, for me and a few others this has been a major PIA.

    Anyway glad people are loving the verbs, enjoy.

  • sorry forgot to mention it was CK who said the reverbs were cooked and ready to roll but were awaiting the preset management before release, total thumbs up from me but clearly something went wrong which is cool, shit happens, but now we are getting this half baked update.

    Just to be clear I love ? my Kemper.

  • It is a beta for the new reverbs.Nothing more,nothing less..;)

    The quick fix of the first 5.7 beta shows how serious Kemper takes this.Now I am waiting to learn more about the "new management" inside the KPA..could be important since I just ordered my second KPA and these Kids have to play together in the future..not that I will become the next "dude where is my editor" kind of guy but something has to happen.:/

  • Maybe they should put the nice class D amps that are in the powered Kempers into the cab so that unpowered Kempers can utilise them. Something to think about. Maybe use the Ethernet port to communicate with the amp and cab. Keep it all nice and neat. :)