NAMM 2019

  • 1) Using an image or picture.

    I do understand what you mean but your examples aren't based on what a "preset" is. :)

    In this first example you refer to "content" instead of something I would call a "preset". Also I would highly recommend that you don't place the exact same content (image) in your InDesign document for print and on your website. You might want to use high-res CMYK for print and lower-res, compressed RGB for your website.

    Apart from this, even when we think about something as simple as a font choice or text color ... keep in mind that this would only be helpful in this specific current project. Two years later you work on a totally unrelated project for a different client and you happen to change the "global preset" we just imagine we have. Congratulations, you've just blown up your old project that's still linked to the same "global preset". I'm sure you don't want that to happen.

    2) Code reuse.

    Code reuse as mentioned by you (in context of programming) refers to functions, not the default data passed to the function. In the Kemper world, a specific reverb type would be the function and the preset would be the default data passed to that function's parameters.

    Again, I do understand what you mean but your logic misses some important things. Same (and more simple) example would be a CSS file for a website. Of course it's nice that you can change many different places and aspects in just one location. But as soon as you start building a different website for a different client and a different purpose, you will have to create a new CSS file that lives its own life, unlinked to the other project's CSS. It would be a nightmare if a small change to website A would alter website B as well. :)

  • Thanks Dee for that.


    Currently the box is still designed passively, but it is also working on an active variant.

    This sounds interesting!

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • Totally agree.

    I bought CLRs, which is nowhere near as nice to play through as a cabinet (thump etc - all the cool stuff), but I would rather sacrifice my 'pleasure', to be sure that a signal I send to FOH is bang on.

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  • While it probably gets less attention due to the editor and cabs, I really liked what I saw in the hardware UI on the new preset selection. It's the one area of the current model that seems like a lot of work to navigate. Very straightforward well designed.

    I'm also enthusiastic about the fact that they'll be selling the speaker itself, without a cab. I already have a couple of one 12 cabs with V30s in them that are pretty much that exact same dimension, so I can just drop one in there. It's black, not green, but I think I can live with that.

    Third quarter for the cab, summer-ish for the editor, and I suspect the current reverb beta will move to production in a month or two. So, looks like new toys every few months this year.

    Since most of the aforementioned is free, I'm looking forward to spending money on a speaker. Gotta keep the people you like in business.