Side project collaborations on two arrangments & production

  • Hi,

    I was contacted a few weeks ago but a song writer, he asked me to arrange his song with my electric guitar and produce a rock track from the original vocal stems he sent to me.

    Here are the results, I'm testing my production skills, not perfect, but the results are sure interesting for a non pro like me. check the YT on the last link below.

    • first rock version featuring a great JCM800 on a clear mix , hofner bass , drums EZ drummer.

    The original song is available here.

    Let me know your critics, I still have a long way to go , but I like doing collabs.


  • And for an alternate perspective, I like the rock version as a better fit with the groove he's playing on acoustic. He is plugged into a Marshall, after all. :)

    The guitar tone sounds great. My only observation would be that for any rock tune, drums are a critical component and they're so low in the mix I had to double check to see if there was in fact a drum track. Particularly with the style he's playing, without a solid drum beat it's easy for the listener to get lost and not be able to find the groove.

    Good stuff, man. Keep at it!