Harmonious blend of the famous Golub Marshall and a stunning little Swart cab

  • All credit to Marko and Ptbarnum, this beauty of a confection is simply the marriage of 2 stunning ingredients, the famous Golub MArshall and my personal favourite cab that is just brimming with presence and life, the Cab from Ptbarnums little Swart atomic

    I have no amps to offer, so if I hit upon something that floats my boat, i'll share it, hope you like it, it'll respond to guitar volume all the way down, oozing tone and attitude, well done guys

  • As i am fundamentally a home studio based guitarist these days, I only play live 6 times a year, getting this unit right at home through the mac and powered monitor speakers is my main goal

    i'd welcome any honest suggestions how the profile i've put here, and the AC30/Swart, how they :thumbup: may be improved or adapted, I know this also steps into personal taste, but everyones opinion is valid, and my aim is to continue to learn how to get the most and best out this amazing piece of equipment

    so feel free to offer thoughts, negative or otherwise, i want to learn, and certainly won't just from nice things if there are ways i can improve on it

    thanks guys