New update - Version 2.1.61 (13692)

  • If I hit "Install Update" on the screen you've posted, the Rig Manager will download to your download folder.

    When the download is finished, the updater will be started automatically and check the system for compatibility and then I get a screen where I need to confirm that I allow the updater software to make changes to my system. If you just cancel at this point, you will still have the downloaded update installer in your download folder and can use it whenever you like.

    Thank you so much, Martin!

    Note to Kemper:

    Why not label the tab "Download and Install Update" instead of "Install Update"? IMHO it's misleading as it stands 'cause the general experience of such things is that apps "secretly" place the downloaded file somewhere difficult-to-find, run it straight-away and remove it post-haste.

    I heartily agree with Nicky, as I follow the same practice. I have collection of my OS and all programs that I use. For the programs, it's the version that I'm currently using - which may intentionally not be the most recent version. If I need to reinstall, it's important that I know I can do so with the versions that have proven reliable.

    I keep notes in each zip's folder and and use a labelling colour scheme to indicate which version I'm currently running, which are problematic and so on. I even use these labels to indicate whether software is free or paid-for.

    The aforementioned notes cover such things as, in this case, which version of RM is required for any given Kemper FW update and so on. The information is provided below every download on the Kemper site, so it's not as if it's difficult-to-find.

    I'll bet my left nut you have a similar M.O. ;)

    The problem with the "Hey, just let the app manage downloading the updates" philosophy is that it's most recent version. I don't trust manufacturers (and with respect, not even the good folks at Kemper) to make that decision for me.

    Indeed, that's a practice tailor-made for sheeple, of which I'll never be one.

    I really don't know what the fuss is about.... Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything here.

    No fuss, G String; we were merely responding to what sounded like a no-choice situation when you told me to, "please update rig manager using the internal update function" in response to my statement (you quoted me), "Hopefully it'll appear in the downloads area very-soon... ". You could've said that the file will be posted later in the downloads section; none of this "panic" would've occurred if you'd responded by saying that it'll be there soon.

    Nevertheless, you've later confirmed that indeed it will be there, so thank you so much for that, mate! :thumbup:

  • I really don't know what the fuss is about.

    As Nicky's already mentioned, the only fuss was the interpretation that you were no longer posting versions on the download page. If that's not the case, then certainly there's no fuss.

    and if you don't trust us (or technology), then don't .

    No offense was intended.

    My statement was more about taking personal responsibility for my own environment (if more people did that, software companies would get fewer support calls).

    If you're continuing your practice of making updates available on the download page then I'm able to better manage my environment, which includes picking the appropriate day to do updates so that I have the time to troubleshoot should there be an issue, and having a copy of the last known working version should there be adventures.

  • a new one has been published

  • As it happens, today is the day I'm deploying the new version of our software system at work. Given that there's usually at least one adventure when pushing a new build to production, I'm willing to give these guys the benefit of the doubt on perhaps posting the wrong version. Those of us who work in the trade have a technical term for this sort of thing.

    "Oops." :)

  • It's not all that complicated guys...

    This version was released a lot of time ago through automatic updates to rig manager, but just uploaded yesterday to the Kemper site.

    So, for the people that do not have automatic updates it might be new, when it is already a couple of months old to others.

  • I have no more preview rig functions inside rig manager since update. Every time I update rig manager something new doesn't work. I am literally afraid to allow any more updates due to this.

    there is no general issue with this version regarding the preview function. feel free to contact support and we'll try to help you fix your issue.

  • Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but after the update last night some of the delays are glitchy.

    This occurs when connected via SPIF into DAW. Not sure if it's just the SPIF connection option or if it's on any output mode.

    After last nights update there are some weird delay 'pop' sounds when playing. I was using the same preset before the update and was fine but now it's glitchy.

    Anyone else having this issue?