Monitoring while profiling

  • I'm a little confused about the monitoring feature that can compare the reference amp and the profile. I cannot have the amp n another room, so I was expecting that using the soft button that can switch between the reference amp and the profile will ALTERNATE between the 2 sources and disable the other one (why send the signal to the amp if I selected to monitor the amp PROFILE?). But what happen really is that the signal still goes to both, so if you have you amp loud enough you barely can hear the profile and this will make almost impossible to do any comparison with the amp in the room. There is no way to alternate between the two sources (as a trick I can place a tuner between the send and the input of the amp) but would love to understand if I'm missing something or expecting the wrong behavior.

  • I don't think you are missing anything.

    It mentions this behaviour in the Profiling Manual. I believe this is the intended way the system work because Kemper assume that everyone will have the amp in another room.

    Like you, I need to profile in the same room as my amp. The way I deal with it is to monitor on headphones when making initial comparisons. I use Shure IEM which provide a good level of isolation then wear a pair of building site over the ear defenders to further isolate from the amp in the room. It's far from perfect but does work well enough.

    I think the option to mute the amp in comparisons would be a worthwhile addition though.

  • Alan, thanks for the reply. I was digging the manual and seems that the on/off button will exactly mute the reference amp. Did not had opportunity to try yet. Will let know.