"Power Amp On" as Programmable for Presets

  • Love using output presets for different home setups and venue EQ changes, however it'd be nice if I could programmatically turn on/off the power amp with presets as well. It seems to be global to the output section. I would use this at home all the time with my traditional guitar cab setup for home volume as well as quiet/silent practice (through monitors or headphones). Scrolling to a "home quiet" preset would just save me a few page scrolls/clicks to switch back to my usual guitar cab home setup.

  • We try to keep Rigs universal for every user independent of their environment and therefore not include input and output routings. Imagine you would intend to check out Rigs from Rig Exchange, Rig packs or any third party providers and none matches your input and output setup. So you don't get signals in and out and have to adjust routing each time.

    Instead of creating different Rigs for home and live use, create two different output presets and just load the appropriate preset. At home the Source of the Monitor Output could be set to "Off". So, the internal power amp receives no input signal and is idle. The digital power amp doesn't require a speaker load.

  • I hear what you are saying Burkhard and I think perhaps my comments didn't come across as I intended.

    It makes perfect sense what you say about comparing rigs. My point about the input and output section is really agreeing with you that these are the best place for it. However, at the moment it is only the routing that can be saved NOT the actual levels. I know your reasoning for this but I can't agree with it. For me the ability to have an output preset such as 'Home", "Rehersal" or "Reamp" is sort of wasted without the ability to also save volume level and Power Amp Status.

    Likewise, at the moment the input section presets don't save the actual input.

    This also wastes a lot of the benefit of having the presets. In fact so far I have yet to find any way of actually using presets and just manually change settings as required.

    In my case I would want to set up a tracking preset and a reamping preset. At the moment I need to go into the Input menu and change the input source. I know it isn't really much (if any) more work to do this compared to selecting a preset but there is far less scope for error and less need for thought if you are simply switching between presets.

    If you now extend the concept, it would be awesome to be able to assign the Input and Output presets to one Quick Access Button because in a tracking/reamping scenario for example you would want to change both each time. This quick access button could be on the KPA the remote or assigned to a stand alone external switch.

    In fact, imaging being able to recall the input and output settings through a Kemper plugin from you DAW. You could have multiple modes; Tracking, PlayBack and Reamp. When you arm a track in the DAW to the appropriate status (a single mouse click) the KPA would respond automatically. Say you select Tracking as the status. When you hit record the KPA automatically switches to the Tracking preset and switches back when you hit stop. However, when you simply hit play it automatically engages the Playback preset. Select Reamp on the Plugin and the Kemper loads the Input and Output presets for reamping. No more head scratching wonder what you have done wrong when you can't hear anything being reamped :D