Onboard Profile Audition/Cloud Profile Audition

  • Would be nice if the Kemper would auto-switch through rigs at a user set duration.

    In 3, 5, 7, 10 second intervals, KPA would switch to the next profile. The user can auction a bunch of stuff "hands free". This is a feature implemented in the Eleven Rack GUI editor that I find really clever and useful.

    Should be able to be applied to any future "sublist" of rigs too - say "audition my favorites list switching between those profiles every 7 seconds".

    This could be nicely combined with the "profile looper" request someone else requested. Now you can audition multiple profiles with a pre-recorded loop. Totally "hands free" you can have a cup of tea while deciding what sound you want!

    Now... let me blow your minds for a sec... combine all of this on the cloud server and have a set of pre-recorded loops like: rock, jazz, metal, country, funk, jazz, chicken, roots, whatever. User selects a loop. And the cloud server will cycle through available profiles and have the server play the chosen loop through a Kemper engine and stream the sound back to the user. User can hit "like" or "tag" at any point and the cloud server puts that off into a list of profiles to download for the user.

    Now you can sort out what profiles you might before you even have to mess with the USB thing.

  • You are assuming that the engine can run like a VST on a server, being coded for a DSP I'm not sure it is the case....

    I left that open. I'll let them sort out the details. :-)

    For all I know, they could have 10-20 Kemper's in the server room accepting incoming signals, having patches selected via MIDI and piping the output back to the web. Maybe one server is involved co-ordinating it. Does not scale of course, but could work.

    They have to have some kind of test bed and some kind of emulation platform somewhere - they don't have to wait until final product to do a "sound in/sound out" test.

  • Let's add even more...

    While we make a cup of tea.
    The KPA loops different profiles.
    We choose a tone we want.
    Whilst drinking the tea we program the KPA to play that tone along with a backing track.
    And we end up with.............

    A Casio keyboard. ;)