Can you record a loop with an effect on, then improvise over top of the loop with that effect turned off (while it's still active on the loop?)

  • Sorry, hard to explain this question in the Subject. I love love love my Kemper and been experimenting more and more with the looper. I would love to record a loop with my octave down turned on which I have set so that you only hear the pitched down octave. This turns my guitar into essentially a bass for me to play bass lines with. I really want to record a loop playing a bass line using the octave down effect, then once it's recorded, turn off the octave down effect so that I can then solo with my guitar over top. Is that possible? Every time I try, all my effects effect the loop as well.

    Thanks all.

  • Once you've set it to Post as above you'll be good.

    A cool trick I've been messing with is to create a couple of rigs with different Panorama settings, so I can have a nicer stereo mix when jamming with the looper.