Rig Manager Update doesn't install

  • Current Version v2.1.41

    Update Version v2.1.61

    OS: Windows 7

    When I run Rig Manager Current version, it comes up with an update dialog, listing the changes for the Update version, so I do the following:

    • Press the "Install Update" button on the above mentioned update dialog
    • Get a "Downloading Update" window with progress, which completes.

    But it then fails with the following dialog box:

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/zGL9Ovy.jpg]

    The update seems to not be calling the Windows Updater correctly. I searched this forum and didn't find any other mentions. If this needs to be reported to a ticketing system, let me know and I'll do that (can someone remind me where that is?)

    Thanks much, Chris

  • Thanks Dennis, I appreciate the <ahem> civility.

    I did see a lot of threads talking about Rig Manager in respect to the version required for the public beta. Is that what you're talking about? Because I'm simply talking about the previous public RELEASE version. And I did search for topic about that, swimming among the much more active public beta threads (and the videos required to get it to install).

    So I'll go look again, now that you assure me that there's something there.

    Maybe it's just me, but my response would have been "Yeah, it's been reported -- you must have missed it -- here's a link".

    Edit: just a clue to show I'm not lazy, look at my post again. It took awhile to compose that, capture and include a screen shot -- I put forth that effort only after browsing the forums. Also, when I typed the title of the above post, the forum software gave a bunch more possible existing post selections, which I browsed, and there still wasn't anything that addressed my specific issue.

  • It has happened to some people that automated update fails in RM using Windows. The easy fix is just going to downloads page and install manually.


    If you want to install the last version that is compatible with the beta it is also there now

    (Rig Manager for Windows (version 2.1.71)

    So from there, once installed, you have to go to Preferences and click the option to get beta releases. This should prompt a window to update your KPA to the last beta once you turn it on. Just make sure you get a backup of your KPA before as always if you want to be sure you can go back 100% to previous state.

    Once you have OS 5.7 installed in your KPA go to System and press Factory Presets and that way you will see all the new Reverb presets using the Browse knob. If you don't do this you will still have the new reverb Types, just not the Factory Presets that Kemper has made for us as a rough guide off what is possible.