Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • To me, the Remote is the simplest plug and play option for the head IF you don't need other effects than what you place in the loop or loops or midi functionality beyond what you can do with the slot settings, AND if the ability to *only have four dedicated switches to turn things on an off with in a rig is sufficienct, on top of seeing with an led the morph status and the convenient possibilities of toggling that with the 1-5 switches. With midi controllers, you always have to make sure the led status matches up properly. Add in having a built in tuner at your feet and one less thing to plug into an AC outlet.

    I'd seriously doubt a 2.0 at Namm what with all the never-ending work they've done to get a working editor and enhancements for the firmware of the current generation. And for that matter, if rolling out a 2.0 head/rack in 2020, why go through all the trouble of developing a 1.0 floor model in 2019, when you could just role out all three products in the same upcoming generation? Like I said years ago, they could have made a floor version very quickly once the development of the Remote was finished, the hard work for a Stage was done. All they really needed to develop was a floor-shaped metal container that held the hardware of the head and remote, and perhaps streamlining a few knobs and controls.. Going forward with 1.0, Stage, head w/remote and rack w/remote, they have three products: that have virtually the same hardware/firmware/software/editor to roll out new features for. This ensure that future rigs will be cross compatible with the three.

  • lol. What a cluster* that was! It took years and never worked.

    TC Electronic really drove off a cliff. when the G-system came out it was cutting edge and FINALLY was a product that allowed you to set your real overdrives up the way you like them in four loops, control your amp with a 5th, and use them independently within an-all in one high end digital effects system without tap-dancing. And high end effects from a company that was at the time considered top shelf in the post effects department. And the thing was serious tour grade, not a 2000's line6/boss multi-effects modeling toy. Then when all the ambient/shimmering delay/reverb stuff started coming out, (and is now made by everyone) and TC is still partying like it's 2005. They still sell that silly Nova System which has a huge audio gap when you change presets with the built in overdrive and which doesn't switch presets until you release the switches.

  • About 1% of Kemper owners participate on this forum.

    Commenting on this thread should become the new rite of initiation for the forums, it is such a cornerstone of the experience, that we will be talking about it way in the long future when the bluetooth cloud integrated kemper 2 or something releases.

  • After the update of this morning (7.1.5) with which the problem of the clock that some users of the Stage had found was solved, Now the firmware should be really stable so I hope they are finally ready for the release of the editor.

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