Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • The thought that this thread had long since gone Looney Tunes brought me to Marvin, here.......

    ....ultimately we’re just as toothless as he is....if not a little nuttier.

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  • Let’s face it, the only reason why it’s delayed is because they are obviously having some issues / bugs with it. Then at the same time Mac OS Catalina got released and it wouldn’t make much sense releasing any new software that isn’t compatible. I’m guessing they’re just ironing out the final issues and it’ll be ready soon. It’s not in their interest to hold it back but it’s also not in their interest to release anything that’s buggy as hell or already obsolete.

  • Then at the same time Mac OS Catalina got released and it wouldn’t make much sense releasing any new software that isn’t compatible.

    Catalina isn't compatible with most everything at this point, so I don't think thats the reason for the delay.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

  • Here's a slightly different train of thought...

    There are a few companies (Moog, being one of them) that don't readily produce a software editor, but allow third-party companies to produce what is seemingly an 'official' looking software editor for $$.

    Who would be cool with Kemper charging for an editor or licensing the rights to a third-party developer to produce one for $$?

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    Now, if she had said "Knobs falling off the Stage and Snapshots disappearing", then it would have made more sense - perhaps her ball needed a wipe.

    Sorry, just putting off doing the ironing.

  • Lol, still checking this thread everyday and hoping to see some news... I just updated from like 3.x to 7 today on my Kemper... proof that I HATE fiddling with the knobs and the usb stick in general ;( (also, proof that I have been using the same profiles for the last years without giving a damn :D). I just hope I could plug it in the computer and BATCH edit everything and unplug it when I'm done. I probably tried only 10% of what it can do just because the UI is too much for me. Bought this device when it first came out (2013?) telling me they would release a software within the first year. Tried the ToastME editor ... but won't work with my interface ||.

    2020 is just around the corner lol (oopS).

    Wouldn't trade it for anything else because of how great it does its job. Did try the Helix just for the sake of having a software....didn't like the sound (wanted to trade the Kemper for that sole reason, shame on me). Can't imagine how people deal with the Stage floor ...

    (duck and cover, ready for the ''we don't need an editor'' crowd :wacko: - indeed, this thread needs to die of a quick and bloody death haha).

  • (foreword : no need for arguing, I know some people get along with the Kemper UI, I just don't personally :wacko: )

    Believe me, I'm not mad with the situation. I don't even remember if it was a promised feature within the first days of release... but it's just... we are almost in 2020. I wrongly assumed that the software was a dead give away with a 2k$ product and didn't think much about it before buying. Well, that's a couple of years ago.... I waited for 2 years, then just stopped waiting and got used to ''no editing/play the same patches''. Now, this thread got me some hope again lol! Once the editor is out, I will never touch those knobs again. EVER AGAIN lol (chicken knob, master and that's it)!

    Yet, we are lucky that the Kemper sounds so good, you don't have to edit much :).

    A couple of days people (for the people looking forward to it), keep smiling and it will be there soon :saint:.