Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • You guys are sorely missing out if you’ve never tried any of the Universal Audio stuff. It is eons above everything else I’ve got (Waves, Overloud, Neural).

    I couldn't agree more.

    I have evangelized use of a Kemper with UA plugins here before. There is a synergy when these two

    are combined that is remarkable. Remember, the guitar, amp, and stomps are not the only path to great

    guitar sound recordings. The complete path includes the mic(s) chosen with their placement on the speaker cab,

    the console's channel strip and even tape can have a huge effect on the overall recording. That is where the UAD

    plugins really shine.

    Also, UAD plugins provide some really unique abilities not available on any other platform.

    Here are some examples:

    1. Sound Machine Woodworks. This plugin takes the piezo electric pickup from a guitar and makes it sound

    much more like that of an acoustic guitar without a piezo pickup. If you like playing your acoustic or electric's

    piezo output through the Kemper, you should consider this one.

    2. The Townsend Labs Sphere L2 modeling mic software has native version of its included mic models. But if

    you want the Bill Putnam Collection or the Ocean Way mic collection for the Sphere, these are only available

    on the UAD platform.

    3. Speaking of Ocean Way Studios, check out the OWS plugin's re-miking capability. Not to be confused with the

    mic collection for the Townsend Sphere, OWS is a completely different plugin. It allows you to place the audio

    into one of the rooms of the famed studio, choose from some amazing vintage mics and place them as you like.

    It is similar to the Abbey Road Studios plugin from Waves, but the re-miking feature is amazing.

    4. Capitol Chambers is a reverb plugin to die for, and unique to UAD.

    There are so many others, too. These UAD plugins cover studio effects that range from compressors like the Manley Variable MU, EL Labs Distressor, DBX 160, to time based effects like the Korg SDD-3000, Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus, A/DA Flanger, tape emulations like the Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102, and unique processors like the OTTO Biscuit 8-bit effects, Softube Vocoder and even the Moog Multi-mode filter.

    Since the UAD plugins are hosted by the UA Apollo's DSP, you are looking at sub 2ms RTL. In essence, an Apollo can be used as an outboard effects processor for the Kemper.

    And that doesn't include the Apollo platform's Unison technology that combines hardware and software to more accurately emulate the loading and gain staging of the models being utilized in your recordings.

    Since most users here would use the Kemper for the tone stack, I haven't mentioned the guitar amp sims available on UAD. But it is important to note that many of these amp sims also have the ability to turn of the preamp, power amp and cab sim sections. So when placed in the correct order, the UAD and Kemper preamp, power amp and cabs can be combined with one another.

    So you could, for example use the cabs from the UAD plugin of the Fuchs ODS 50 amp sim with a Kemper profile whose cab section was off. And you might decide to drop a Lexicon 480L reverb plugin before the Fuchs cab.

    WRT the arguments on this thread, it is interesting that Kemper has issues with customers clamoring for an editor and UA has customers clamoring for plugin and Console 2 app MIDI implementation.

    Yet the real point is that both companies have so many customers because their products are top quality as they are produced right now. Could providing these upgrades vastly improve their products? Absolutely!

    But until the upgrades are made, you are "sorely missing out" if you don't try the Kemper and the UA

    interface / plugin universe together.

  • I couldn’t possibly live without my Kemper which I have had for at least 6 or 7 years. Yes the Rig Manager was functionally bare but for me its about the amps and the awesome sound. If the editor never arrives I would be disappointed but I am excited that it will be coming sometime; perhaps Christmas? Personally I appreciate when a company is careful releasing new software. Just imagine if your Kemper was toasted (sorry for the pun) by the new editor; I think this forum would get kinda nasty. Cheers from Vancouver.....

  • With zero or almost zero info released, how could it be any different ?

    Yeah....didn't think it would be. I'm as guilty as anyone.

    I do wonder what the rollover effect is. 45 pages and counting. How many times have things repeated? It's like a text version of "Henry the 8th I Am"

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Just to throw in a different perspective: as a still relatively fresh owner of a Stage, I'd very much prefer if the Kemper team threw all their energy at stabilizing the Stage firmware before getting the editor out of the door. Currently, I can't trust the stage enough to take it to a gig - I need to reboot it at least twice in every rehearsal because it freezes due to MIDI remote issues; with every new release of the firmware new issues pop up that weren't there before - it's actually frightening!

    I bought the Stage on the basis of Kemper's reputation of building rock-solid machines that get used by pros on stages every day around the world. This reputation is - at least to me - in severe jeopardy from the issues the Stage has been plagued with after its launch.

    Yes, I would love a remote editor! I do my editing in the studio / rehearsal room - don't expect too much editing on stage, so happy to work with the device there. And the workflow of reviewing rigs comfortably on my studio PC with its large monitor and then having to crouch down to the Stage for editing is just not my idea of a smooth workflow (and a pain in my back).

    But I'm happy to live with this pain for a couple of weeks longer if in return the Kemper team could really get their act together and stabilize the Stage as their absolute Priority 1 - this is a potential embarrassment for the Kemper brand! I don't think Christoph Kemper is too happy with this situation - I hope he has the same view of priorities. And if that means the editor has to wait a bit, I'm all for it.

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    And this is as relevant (to the editor) as the last 3 or so pages were lol....8o

    hoists Continental Union Flag

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user

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  • Im not cherry picking anything. I am using common sense versus "your" wishful thinking. Thats apples and oranges thinking and it never works like this with any manufacturer. Maybe you did not realize that when you bought the blender/car/guitar/computer/Rhino/Kemper, you purchased it for what it had to offer at the time, and NOT what might be available for it later on? In the real world that's called accessories, they are usually not free and cost us more $ for each one we add on. These accessories can come out at anytime, and you have the choice of adding them in or not and they can be free, or not. But these updated items are not ever "OWED" to us just simply because we bought the product. Sure its always nice when free add-ons happen (I like that too) but, they (Kemper or any other) is not obligated to anything including future updates or free tires for life, unless it was specifically broken and not operating as promised when purchased, or stated in the deal at the time of the sale. The add-ons, updates and improvements we get are NOT under some kind of contractual "must give out" agreement with Kemper, but Im glad that they do this and it also helps their PR and sales in the process. Thats a good thing, but they do NOT have to do this. You and I knew there was NO editor when we bought the Kemper, so now you feel like they OWE you one just because other Manufacturers made one for their products? So when you buy a camper, do they need to throw in the lake to camp at too? Look I want the editor as much as the next guy, but Kemper does not legally OWE me (or anyone else) anything extra that comes along later just because others may have one, or we want one, or my friends friends got one, or just because I bought their product at some point(which BTW Im glad I did)! See the difference? Thats not cherry picking, it is however factual.

    This is just tiresome straw manning with things nobody suggested.