New Kemper 2 way switch?

  • That switch is not new, I've owned mine for a couple of months now, but it's been around for at least 2 years+. The Kemper cable is sweet. I have this plugged into port 6 of the Remote, and have it set for two more Profiler switch buttons.

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  • I didn't realise it was out till recently.

    I got mine a month ago.

    Pretty cool pedal, as you can use the looper with it,

    But not full features you can record / play / overdub with one button, and stop / delete with the other.

    You can go in the system setting and set the loop pre or post, so you can record a clean loop, then swap rigs to distorted and play over the top, or you can record a loop and scroll through your rigs and tweak the sound without having to play and tweak at the same time.

    Also you can switch effects in your rig on and off, incl delay and reverb, or switch on or off the freeze/infinite effects tails.

    For those that bought there kemper pre-remote and use a midi controller it's a great inbetween choice.

    I was already using a midi mongoose for switch rigs and I didn't want to shell out 400 for extra features.

    The pedal fills the gap nicely at a very reasonable price.

    If you in tend to use the stomp on the floor without a remote you obviously need a longer trs stereo cable than what it comes with. That more a patch lead for plugging the pedal into a kemper remote.

    All in all a neat little add-on. What's not to like !