No reverb or delay...what happened?!?!?

  • I am at a loss... SOftware says latest version...The lock button is not activated....the reverbs and delays do not work....When i even turn the effects on and off by depressing the delay or reveb button (screen says off) there is no difference either on or off...Same with lock difference on or off.....Even just trying out user rigs from rig reverb.... Is there a USA customer serv ph number? I sent an email to customer service.

  • Sorry.. I haven't backed up anything yet. I guess I should learn how to do that... I'm relatively a new user (6 mos or so..) wasn't in love with some of the performances I set up ...Though I have purchased some amazing profiles, I haven't totally settled on more than a few sounds, so I wasn't too concerned about losing anything due to the reset/reboot. I guess as I build more than a few performances I will learn how to back up. Anyhoo...just glad it's all still there. Sounds killer.

  • It proves we cannot live more than 24 h without reverb and delays LOL

    Right?!?!?!??! be honest, I felt like something was "off" sonically with the over all tone as well... No biggie...Just like a computer...Sometimes when all else fails, reboot! I need to do a back-up next time (if there is a next time) My Powerhead has been amazing otherwise...I am getting some big crunchy organic sounds live through the cab.....The direct recording tones are stifling!!!