NAMM 2019: Kemper Kabinet and Kemper Kone

  • At the risk of inciting the wrath of G-String for going off topic (;)) it's you guys that have it wrong by omitting crucial syllables from words like aluminEEum and soLder as well as omitting the U from colour and behaviour as well as changing all the S to Z. We spend several hundred years trying to come up with this fine language and you lot trash it the blink of an eye ;)

    :whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling: I'll show myself out.

    We told Cornwallis to leave us alone.

    Bit hard-headed, that one.

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  • Wait, who the heck says "ProcessEEZ"? As a native-born American, I've never heard any "English as a first language" person say it that way in the States. It sounds like something you would hear one of the nerds on "Big Bang Theory" say if they were giving a lecture and affecting an English accent; "The processEEZ of protein synthesis within the gestating hippocampus takes place within the male species of this particular fauna." :P


    I have heard US academics of every stripe saying this over the last decade or so when they are guests on Australian Radio and TV - usually when they are being interviewed about a new book or being consulted as an expert on something other than English language. Apparently processEEZ is catching on bigtime in the academy over there.

    What is the origin? You get plurals of words ending in -is being given -es endings eg crisis and crises. It suggest that the application of this sort of ending has been generalised a tad and that no real rules has been followed.

    I mean US pronunciation of vowels can be a little idiosyncratic. I have joked that,when in doubt, the speaker just says the name of the vowel - you occasionally hear odd things like unEYEform and then of course there is discussion of the philosopher Fred KNEECHEE - I am not kidding - I had a stand up argument with a guy doing tertiary level philosophy who tried to insist that that pronunciation was acceptable for Neitzsche. I very much doubt Friedrich Wilhelm Neitzsche would have agreed but then again he was an odd duck.

  • I've been watching this thread for anything interesting about the new products. However, at this point it's turned into endless chatter about everything else.

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  • I think that’s because there is no news about the new products Dan so people have nothing else to talk about.

    Yeah - the product was shown at winter NAMM 7 full months ago. Since then we have speculated on the speaker type and whether a powered version will happen and when it might actually see the light of day and what it might cost. No definitive answers to any of these except that it is almost certainly not the FX-200.

  • So... No news on likely release window?

    I think a release before Christmas 2019 would be great, but it's probably very ambitious given the Stage was just launched.

    The speaker is ready. The software was ready according to CK at Winter NAMM except for some polish.

    OS 7 will be needed to provide the speaker S/W, which isn’t in general release (just yet). The cabinet looked to be near-ready at NAMM.

    I think it’s closer than Christmas.

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  • I work pretty closely with our R&D department and can only say "it'll be ready when it's ready". This is an unavoidable part of invention. You discover new things and challenges as you go.

    The tension comes when you have customers and managers wanting things NOW that have never existed and they have to be perfect. Then you get marketing people and customers talking about engineers like they're children.

  • we're even receiving user reports about this thread being way too off topic.

    so, back to topic it is.


    I am anxious to see the new speaker/cab and how it ‘plays’ with the KPA.

    Is it revolutionary? *shrug* Dunno....don’t care. It’s built specifically to work with the KPA. I’m intrigued to hear what CK and Company consider the ‘right’ setup.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche