Tech 21 Mongoose + Expression Pedal + Kemper?

  • Hi there!

    So I've recently bought a kemper (a toaster one) and, since I cannot afford the kemper remote, I decided to go for the tech 21 mongoose one. Also, i bought a expression pedal to use it along with the mongoose. So, I connected it to the "cc1" mongoose input and went to the "system" button in the kemper and, although the mongoose recognized it, the kemper didn't.

    Since I'm new to all of this, i wanted to ask if it is even possible to use it that way, before i spend more time trying to make it work.

  • Antonio M

    Changed the title of the thread from “Tech 21 Mongoose + Expression + Kemper?” to “Tech 21 Mongoose + Expression Pedal + Kemper?”.
  • I haven’t used the Mongoose but some others in the forum have so I know it works. Before I got my Remote I was using it with an RJM Mastermind PBC and it also worked fine.

    I think the issue is most likely that you need to assign the appropriate Midi CC# to the Exp pedal in the Mongoose settings. I.e is the EXP going to control Volume, Wah, Morph etc. The numbers are all listed in the main reference manual for the Kemper.