Output volume too loud?

  • There is no standard to which equipment receives a signal. If the board being used typically connects a microphone to pickup the guitar sound: the typical mic is around -30dB. Maybe set your Main Out to -18dB, and when you play that venue, you can select the “-12dB” soft button to further reduce your signal to -30dB that a typical mic would send.

  • Am I doing something wrong?

    I use as standard the -12 db Option in the output menue.

    Normally I have setted it aprox - 20 to the Input of our Behringer XR18.

    If we play in a venue with a FOH and local soundman the value is similar vom -18 to 24 depending on the mixer.

    So you do nothing wrong.

    It's the Kemper which deliver a strong signal. (For me not a failure)