AMT, Damage Control & Amptweaker

  • Three different pieces of gear up.

    AMT SS-20 Clean, Crunch & Lead: single-tube pedal, channels 1, 2 & 3.
    Clean uses DI out, Crunch & Lead use cab emu out. Gain CR switch set to 3.

    Demonizer Nuke & Crunch: Damage Control Demonizer twin-tube pedal, channels 2 & 3, DI outs

    Amptweaker Tight Metal: 2011 hi-gain analog stack-style stompbox, run at 12V.


  • I did a profile of my AMT M1 (marshall) but it sounded like a toy compared to all the great marshallprofiles that's been posted here. deleted it on the spot :thumbdown: ...looking forward to trying out these profiles though, thanx :thumbup:

  • I confess to missing Damage Control (the company) - they were kind of a splinter tube-faction of ex-Line 6 guys. The industrial designer who did their pedal housings also did the original sand-cast housings for the kidney-bean POD. A few years later they merged with Strymon and dropped the Damage Control moniker altogether. The Demonizer was their first product and flagship pedal (it also had an opto compressor, disabled here); it would have been fun to have had a Womanizer, just to complete the collection.

    The SS-20 was amazing for its size; it's about the size of an MXR 10-band EQ pedal, yet it packed three channels. None of these pedals would hold up against a great tube head, but they were better than many budget-priced tube combos and were great for desktop recording.

    The Amptweaker pedal is pretty convincing for Black Album type of sounds, at least for a stack-in-a-box pedal. It's kinda noisy though (which is why it has a built-in gate, disabled here), but the KPA version is quiet. The amp guy behind this pedal designed the original 5150 head for Peavey.

    Y'know, sometimes you never know what's going to do the trick production-wise. Somebody uploaded a little 9V battery Marshall profile recently and it rocks! If you needed a really cardboardy sounding amp to deceive the listener before coming in with a band's full roar, Mission Accomplished. We've got another profile based on a freeware plugin ("Poulin Legion Solo") that blew me away - unbelievable high-gain definition, better than the Legacy profiles for some purposes. If it's interesting, don't let the amp snobs hold you back - sometimes it's "character" that makes the hit.


  • i really like the demonizer and amptweaker,and i agree with you on amp purists,personally its always about the sound for me and dont really care where it comes the way the boss ml2 metal core sounds very similiar to the amptweaker and demonizer and is a lot cheaper,maybe its not so versatile mentioned a "poulin legion solo"profile,is that in the rig exchange?dont think i seen it.

  • Actually, they're all usable without cabs but technically the SS-20 Clean and the two Demonizer profiles are DI profiles so add a cab if you like.

    The Amptweaker is a tossup; it's "stack in a box"-like, so you probably don't need a cab, but go for it if you wish. I like it plain.