How to set up Wah Pedal & Volume with Mission EP1-KP to Kemper Remote

  • Hello,

    [Update 3/8/19: I suggest readers check out my update below due to my mistakes etc.]

    First post after picking up the Profiler and the Remote last week, so happy to be here!

    I also got the Mission Engineering EP1-KP pedal. I have a balanced/stereo patch cable connecting the EP1-KP from Output 1 to Input 5 on the Remote. I've read the manuals and watched every video I can find on the subject, but I'm stumped on how to be able to get both the Wah-wah function and a Volume pedal function on the EP1 and simply switch between the two using the toe switch. Right now, I can only get the Wah effect or the Volume effect even when I press the toe switch, not both. I've tried hooking up another patch cable from the Remote Output 2 (trying both a balanced and unbalanced cable) to Remote's Input 6, but no luck. My understanding is that I should only need to use one patch cable.

    If anyone could walk me through the steps and/or show me what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate it!

    Thank you!


  • You need two cables to use the toe switch.

    Output 1 to one input on the Remote. Output 2 to a separate input pn the remote.

    I have mine set up with the toe switch assigned to Stomp A on/off and I usually have a wah in Stomp A. When Stomp a is bypassed the pedal becomes a volume (Wah>Volume ticked in system menu). When Stomp A is active it functions as a Wah.

    I believe some others do it without the toe switch by setting the Wah effect to bypass at stop but I have never found anything other than footswitch on/off that worked for me.

  • Alan, thank you for your input, but no luck so far.

    So here's what I got from your suggestions:

    Patch cables:

    Balanced/stereo cable from Mission E. pedal Output 1 to the Remote's Input 5.

    Unbalanced/mono cable from Mission E. pedal Output 2 to Remote's Input 6

    System Settings:

    Page 5/18: Pedal Links page: upper left "WahPedal >Vol." is checked;

    Page 10/18: Pedal 5 (Remote) is set to: Mode=Pedal Type 1 & Function=Wah Pedal

    Page 11/18: Pedal 6 (Remote) is set to: Mode=Mono Switch & Switch Tip=Stomp A On/Off

    Stomps settings:

    Stomp A set to Stomp Preset: Wah Wah (Default); on Page 2/3, Pedal Mode=On; other settings in Stomp A's page 1 & 3 are left at default settings.

    Now, I've tried a million different combinations, but it stays on the Wah Wha effect when I press the toe switch.

    BTW: I don't understand your sentence: "When Stomp A is active it functions as a volume." That seems to contradict the previous sentence where you state that Stomp A "becomes a volume" when it is bypassed.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thank you!

    FWIW: when are engineers and IT developers ever going to make sure actual users can understand their manuals?! I don't mean to single Kemper out--there's plenty of blame to go around in just about any device you buy (computer hardware & software, cars, vacuum cleaners, mixers, keyboard workstations, vibrators [oops!]...), but the Remote/expression pedal sections of the manual could be more clear. I'm not exactly looking forward to digging into more complex areas such as how to profile an amp etc.

  • Yes, that is how I have mine set up (other than I use inputs 3 and 4 because I’m left footed)

    The sentence you didn’t understand is a typo on my part, sorry. I’ve fixed it now.

    Have you checked the Mission switch with something else to make sure it is actually working. It sounds like you might have a fault switch on the mission pedal itself. I had to replace the switch in mine not that long ago.

  • Your settings look OK. Maybe there is a misunderstanding that is causing the confusion.The wah to volume pedal link allows you to use a pedal EITHER as a wah or a volume but not both at the same time.

    If you can toggle the on/off status of the Stomp A you will be able to switch the pedal function from wah to volume. If the status of Stomp A does not change when you click on the switch either the switch, the cable or the pedal input has a technical issue. In that case I would suggest that you send an email to [email protected] for further assistance.

  • There is a video on Youtube provided by Mission Engineering, which explains the EP-1 KP set up step by step. We offer also our set of Video Tutorials in addition to the manuals. And your configuration seems ok, since you realized that two cables are required as this Mission model includes both pedal plus switch.

    If you press the toe switch, does Stomp A get activated/deactivated or not? Perhaps the switch is broken. You can check by pulling the TS cable out and short cutting the contacts between tip and sleeve with a paper clip. Does Stomp A switch on/off now?

    What if you manually activate Stomp A with that Wah effect included, does the pedal now stop controlling volume and start controlling Wah instead as intended? And if you manually switch Stomp A off, does the pedal now act as a volume pedal again?

    Make sure, your PROFILER is running current OS e. g. 5.5.2 release. In elder OS, volume control had to be picked up at the pedal's heel position, which might cause confusion.

  • Hello Burkhard,

    Peter at Kemper support also suggested the paperclip short-circuit trick and, yes, that worked :thumbup:: it turns the Wah on Stomp A off and on and the EP1-KP switches between Wah & Volume.

    I will contact Sweetwater and let them know it seems I have a defective EP1-KP. (Of course, if I contact my retailer again, it's likely I'll order another expression pedal or two now that I've watched so many videos and saw all the cool things you can do with the Remote etc.! 8o )

    Thank you!

  • Hey everyone,

    I want to update the situation with the Remote and the EP1-KP: turns out none of the pedals were defective.

    I was.

    It's been many years since this old fart played with a wah wah...pedal, and I didn't know or notice the difference between a old school "latch" pedal and these "momentary" pedals. Therefore, you really have to press down and hold the EP1-KP to get it to switch from volume to wah or between whatever 2 functions you have it set for.

    Sorry about the confusion. Hopefully, this thread will shed some light on using the EP1-KP with the Kemper Remote for any other rookies who do a search on the topic.


  • In the System Menu. there is a Pedal Setup page.

    If you want to control both Wah and Volume, the one pedal needs to be set-up as a wah pedal, not as Volume.

    Or, the PEDAL 5 input of the Remote, and Pedal 3 input of the PROFILER Stage, are already prepared for Wah by default.

    After setting the pedal up as Wah, Select “WahPedal >Volume” on the Pedal Links page in System Settings.

    If “WahPedal >Volume” is selected, those two functions are mutually exclusive. As soon as a wah effect is active, the Wah Pedal controls this wah effect, while volume stays flat. As soon as there is no wah effect in the current Rig, or the wah effect is switched off, the Wah Pedal controls volume.

  • So does output one or output two got to the input 3? Do you use a TRS or TS cable... Every thing I have seen says use TRS on out one to input one and said use TS from output two to input two.. I have tried output to to input two and three, and all I get is volume control

  • Starting to get to the point I think Im going to stick with Fractal and return this... 2 days of research, watching videos. reading manuals and cant get a simple WAH to work.. Not so user friendly. I had my Fractal set up in literally 10 mins and was stage ready.

  • Every video I watched including the one from Mission said use TRS on output on and TS on output 2. When I activate the switch, it does turn on Stomp "A" which I have assigned a cry baby wah to. But all it does it turn volume up and down.

  • Anyone available to chat that could walk me through setting up a Mission EP K1 pedal up for wah/volume control. At this fricken point I'd be happy with just a WAH... Have spent my entire Saturday on this and still can't get it to work. Beyond frustrating.

  • Every video I watched including the one from Mission said use TRS on output on and TS on output 2. When I activate the switch, it does turn on Stomp "A" which I have assigned a cry baby wah to. But all it does it turn volume up and down.

    did you configure the pedal as a wah pedal on the corresponding pedal page? If that is the case you should try loading the cry baby preset for stomp A. That will give you a proper wah sound. What you might be experiencing is that the default setting of the wah effect shift the signal into inaudible frequency ranges as you move the pedal forward. This is not the case with any of the wah presets.