Should I buy a Kemper?

  • Yes and with many updates that are free and compatible with every Kemper since day one. That is part of what makes the Kemper a fantastic purchase.

    Yeah that is one thing I hated about my mustang version 1. They came out with the version 2 which had new effects and such but were not brought into version 1 so when I go to download a new patch, sometimes it’s missing key effects if the person who designed the patch designed it on a version 2 mustang. I would hate if I dropped this cash and then Kemper comes out with version 2 and suddenly version 1 becomes obsolete.

  • I just looked it up...looks like this has been out since 2013?!? Long time without a new one...

    Because they still don't need a new one.

    They overbuilt this thing so much when it was designed that after all these years they're still doing things like a massive reverb update and the Kemper's processing doesn't even squeak. In fact, I think this is one of the biggest bragging rights that they have. Other companies release a new version of firmware and it trashes all your old presets. Or, equally prevalent, they'll release new hardware that you have to buy before you can get all the cool features of the next software version (looking at you, Pro Tools).

    That said, there's also another perspective. If a Kemper 2 came out tomorrow, would my current Kemper suddenly stop working and not play the gazillion profiles that it currently plays? When Marshall released the Origin series, the vintage Plexis over in the corner of your studio kept on rockin' just the same. I currently have a little green box loaded with amps that I'd probably have to pay $100,000 or more (seriously) to buy individually. I couldn't possibly care less if there's ever a Kemper 2. I'm too busy trying to make my playing sound as good as my amp. :)

    So, I wouldn't worry about obsolescence. This is one of the few companies in tech that seems to guard against it.

  • So first, this is the Kemper forum so I doubt that you'll hear a lot of peeps recommending against buying one ;)

    I think the only real concern you should hear is this:

    On the other hand you might get something that does 90% of what you need for a lot less.

    A Kemper will definitely meet all your expectations and more but it actually may be an overkill.

    That being said, the older I get the more I care about a smooth and productive workflow. I know I probably started to sound like a broken record but the Kemper has a fantastic workflow.

    You can start simple, like turn it on, find the right rig with 4 buttons and just enjoy playing hours and hours. Now if you are more adventurous you read the manual and discover layers upon layers of cool stuff you did not know existed.

    So overall I would say, get a Kemper, start playing it with whatever headphones you have. You will start selling your other gear and then can afford studio monitors / FRFR speakers or whatever you'd like to use.

    If money is a concern (it was for us) get the non-powered version, you can always get a power amp later and use your favorite cab.

  • I'd buy mine again in a heartbeat.

    One thing to consider is that volume levels make a HUGE difference in how good things sound to us. If you're not playing with at least a moderate amount of volume it won't have punch or sound like a real amp, no matter what kind of tube simulation you're using.

  • Thanks. I think I am going to buy one but you mentioned there might be other options out there which could maybe get me 90% of what I need. What are those options? Thanks!

  • Thanks. I think I am going to buy one but you mentioned there might be other options out there which could maybe get me 90% of what I need. What are those options? Thanks!

    There are so many, its difficult to answer which are your top 90% needs, for example Helix stomp, AX8, Boss GT1000 etc. Can't comment on sound quality but probably better than a Katana...

  • If you are still not convinced after all the responses then you should not buy one. I know I wouldn't if I still doubted the decision.

    I also wasn't convinced for about 1 or 2 years - for some people this needed amount of money (even if the can spend it easily) makes a very long period of "thinking" necessary. I whish I'd thought less and had done it 2 years before!!! I followed every Tutorial, whatched everything from "Kemper" on YouTube and then...I did it. Thank god!

    If you want to spend this money the Kemper is a good (the best) choice imo...

  • I got mine since 3 weeks now and I have been playing way past bed time for most nights... I own 3 tube amps but I just couldn't play those anymore. Mainly because of my baby son but also because I just don't want to sit next to a super loud amp anymore.

    Once I realized that, it was just about finding the best possible sounding solution out there. I looked into most of the available products and the Kemper definitely sounded and feeled best. That is to my ears of course ;)

    I don't require a lot of effects. A good reverb, a delay from time to time, some modulation and that's pretty much it. The only exception is Pink Floyd of course. I can say that the Kemper is amazing for Floyd stuff. There are some good commercial Floyd rigs out there.

    So being able to have all of that in one little box convinced me.

    Like you, I also was afraid of buying an "old" piece of gear. But as Chris Duncan mentioned in this post, this thing was overbuilt. I confirm that it feels like an absolutely up to date piece of kit. Plus, you get all the free updates. Think about it... It's been more than 5 years that the company offers free updates. And that's not only bug fixes! It's new delays, new reverbs... I don't know a lot of companies that support a product for that much time!

    Lastly, one of the brilliant things with the Kemper is the fact that the users are actually creating new content. If you have a modeling device, you have to wait for the company to add a new amp. Here, the users are free to do that.

    I can only say that I would buy it again in a heartbeat and that I should have done it much earlier.

  • I have been using the Kemper for 4 years now and the sound, usability and reliability is perfect for me. I don't have the Kemper remote, but use a MIDI footswitch (Microdesignum MIDI Grande), which works great.

    As I only need about 5 sounds with no special effects I learned, that the Kemper is a bit "overkill" for my needs.

    My band's other guitar player uses a Boss GT-100 and with some tweaking we got totally awesome sounds out of it... slightly different compared to the Kemper, but not worse. In the band context it's impossible to tell which is the Kemper or the GT-100.

    Same for a Digitech GSP1101 and with just little limitations even a cheap Boss GT-1. With proper tweaking they can sound really good.

    I'll keep my Kemper, but if I wanted to buy a new amp/modeler today, I'd think twice, if it would really be necessary for my needs.

  • I've been gigging with mine for almost 7 yrs. All I can say is it is the best piece of gear I have ever spent money on.

    I'm a really old guy but play everything from the Beatles to 5 Finger Death Punch , It covers all the bases:)

    Welcome to the Family

  • ive been in your shoes

    i wasnt sure

    it was expensive and ive heard also the axefx were doing awesome but i realy needed something that would last me the next 15 years plus that can give me the same power or close to what a real amb and cabinet would sound like.

    i was tired of using my computer cpu rsources on amplitube and these guitar vst's

    i researched kemper axe fx and helix

    i was set out to get the axe fx but i didnt cos they are not upgrading the hardware on the kemper so the unit is evolving internally over time and it is just a beautiful piece of hardware and i can perform all my ideas with a breeze and has tons of tweakable fx and just everything.

    i dont regret investing in it.

    plus were getting an editor

    and a kemper FrFr speaker cabs this summer

    get the kemper!