A few questions before pulling the trigger.

  • Hey guys, after using the KPA for ages but with many other controllers, I am itching to get a remote and - hopefully - simplify my life a little.

    However, I have a couple questions still unanswered:

    1) what kind of switches does it have? Are the soft or hard?

    2) as far as I have read, MIDI control is very limited, i.e. can send 1 PC message on 2 channels when switching rigs, so I imagine one can't configure the stomps buttons to do that. Is my understanding correct?

    3) can the additional input be used also with switches, or only with expression pedals? If they can be setup to use additional switches, how does the assignment work?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • 1. The switches are the hard metal typical of quality stomp boxes. The unit itself is built like a freakin' tank and will probably outlive half the gear I own.

    2. Regarding MIDI, I'd encourage you to download the full manual. Working from memory, each of the five slots in a performance are automatically assigned a PC number, so performance 1 has PC 1 - 5 to directly access any of the profile slots, performance 2 -> 6 - 10, etc. That said, I believe there is a fairly rich set of CCs that are supported as well and if memory serves at least some of that applies to the stomp effects. I haven't delved into that, but I recall the manual being very well written in that regard.

    3. Haven't used the switches, so others will help you with that.

    In general, I find the remote well thought out and implemented. The LCD screen gives you pretty much everything you see on the profiler itself, large enough to be readable, including the strobe tuner. It's not an inexpensive piece of gear but I was very happy with the purchase and how it behaves.

    By the way, unless you're trying to control the profiler externally via MIDI, like from a computer, MIDI isn't really a factor for basic remote operation. You plug it in (one cable for both power and data), and it just works.

    Hope this helps.

  • They are momentary switches.

    The 4 inputs on the remote can handle expression pedals, mono or stereo switches.

    Your understanding of midi s basically correct.

    I had an FCB1010 which I used briefly both woth and without the Uno4Kemper chip. Then I tried using my RJM Mastermind PBC from my old pedalboard. Then I got a used Remote.

    My summary would be: if you want to cntrol the KPA in isolation nothing beats the Remote. The integration is just amazing and so easy to use. However, if you need to control other midi devices in addition to the KPA go with a traditional midi controller.

  • So, by momentary switches I mean you mean what I meant by "soft", i.e. switchless, like those found in Strymon pedals, in the Helix, et cetera?

    Ultimately I am considering using *primarily* the KPA, so the remote seems perfect, but I would like to know how flexible it is.

    Thanks guys for the help!