The joys of MIDI

  • One of the things I'm enjoying about controlling the Kemper from a computer midi track is the fact that it automatically picks up the tempo and applies it to the effects.

    I was trying to emulate the talk box on Bon Jovi's Living on a prayer. I don't have an expression pedal hooked up so my first attempt was to use the various wahs and draw in the CC1 data. I'm sure that approach would eventually get me there with enough tweaking, but it was clumsy and tedious, so I started scrolling through presets to see if I could find something that was "close enough for rock and roll."

    There was one (can't remember the exact name, something about a univibe) that I believe was a combination of a phaser and vibe, and because the Kemper just drops right in to the correct midi tempo, I was able to see that it got me pretty close, without any tweaking required to see if it would even work.

    Really pleased with the midi implementation.