Stereo Effects Through Power Rack Output

  • I have a power rack due to arrive in a couple of days. Having owned Fractal and Line6 before I have a question about the single mono output on the power rack. What does it do to the stereo effects when sent to a single 4x12 cab. Are they summed mono?

    Does it destroy the integrity of the effect, say ping pong delay or stereo reverbs, they get summed mono and something has to happen to the L and R signals. I remember on the Fractal AX8 having the cab block behind the reverb block and it sounded horrible because it wasn’t in stereo.

    What has everyone’s experience been with stereo effects summed to mono out of the power output? How much are the effects changed, good, bad, indifferent?

  • The same line level signal that the MONITOR OUTPUT delivers is also feeding the built-in power amp internally. All settings affecting the MONITOR OUTPUT like Output Source, Monitor Output Volume, Monitor Cab. Off, Monitor Output EQ will automatically affect the internal power amp and therefor the SPEAKER OUTPUT, too.

    You could set the Source of the MONITOR OUTPUT to "Master Left" and use the DIRECT OUTPUT to feed you powered line6 cab with Output Source set to "Master Right". Leave Monitor Cab. Off activated. It's a crotch as the characters of the two cabinets are different.

    You cannot use the feature Monitor Stereo, which also pairs the MONITOR OUTPUT and the DIRECT OUTPUT to a stereo output, but in that case the setting of Monitor Cab. Off would affect both.