[Tone Junkie] 1976 Park Kemper Profile Pack Out Now

  • Download now at: https://tonejunkiestore.com

    The Stu G’s Park Kemper Profile Pack seeks to captures the sound of the original 1976 Park 212 Reverb used by Stu G on tons of recordings with Delirious and countless recording projects. This pack contains profiles of channel 1, channel 2 and the channels linked together. We’ve also included Dual Profiles of the Park and a 73 JMP 50… The “Farewell” Delirious rig. Plus we have dialed in a bunch of effects from Stu’s pedalboard and included performances of 3 Delirious songs and some of our favorite effects that we have ever put out!

    D? Farewell: Dual Profile of 76 Park and 73 JMP 50
    F Drive: Fulltone Fulldrive
    F Drive Boost: Boost side of the Fulldrive
    Kilt G1: Kilt G1 setting
    Rock Box: Box of Rock
    Roose: 3P Roosevelt Drive
    Farewell FX: Extra FX we threw in

    Please note that some of these clips Stu is using a pedal board into the profiles. For example on the L1 clip Stu was using the Roosevelt drive into the Kemper and half way thru the L2 clip Stu turns on a drive pedal. We have a more in depth closer look video into the pack where Stu breaks down the sound in the Kemper as well as more demos of the profiles with no pedals. We also have included profiles crated with these drive pedals baked in.

  • For someone that owns every other pack, and has not been able to take advantage of any of his sales other than the seemingly constant 20% off for previous customers, I'll wait until it's on sale or live without it. I'm sure the price most likely reflect Stu G getting a piece of the action. Forgive me if that's an assumption. Nice guy, loved the the videocast/podcast.

  • Hey dudes,

    Sorry it took me so long to get on here just been busy and haven't been on the boards since I posted this. Thanks for all the support! I know the price is higher than most packs but it's our first time working with an artist and that means I am not able to discount it as heavily as other packs. In this case there was a sort of minimum price the Stu wanted to sell something with his name at and I given that he has released signature pedals and amps with manufacturers I understand that position. Not everyone may be familiar with Stu and his work but he has a brand and a reputation he has spent decades building.

    What we did do was not only include profiles of the Park (Studio and Direct) but also Dual profiles of Stu's Farewell rig with Delirious which was the Park and JMP50 we also included 3 performances where we copied the effects Stu uses on his board from his drives to compressor to his H9s.
    More on that here...