• After some discussion with local musicians I decided to try the Ox. After I told my buddy he said I was making a mistake and I should also by the Kemper and pick one which will suite my needs better. So I did and its like Xmas on steroids here.

    I was drawn to the OX because I have an amp and pedals that I love and want to capture it in recordings and I was drawn to the Kemper because the ease of use and flexibility that comes along with it. A disclaimer I would call myself a hobbiest because I do not play live and just recently started getting back into recording my music. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000s I was playing live regularly and recording local bands everyday. I say this because I have been out of the loop with technology and jumping back in now things are WAY different to say the least. After years of strumming an acoustic while starting a family I’ve rediscovered my sound and acquired some gear. I love the tone from my Princeton with 12” Celestion Gold and my pedals including Strymon, H9, Mad Professor. I joked that if I bought a Kemper I’d immediately find a Princeton because my songs are primarily clean... So when I A B the KPA and OX the Ox is much much more clear and the fidelity is superior to my ear. Now if I dont play with the Ox and focus on finding tones and creating with the Kemper it also sounds amazing. The problem is while I have both whenever I flip on the OX there is no comparison. I’m comparing to MBritt profiles of the Princeton and Carr (clean stuff) etc.

    I realize these are different products but I’m trying to figure out if I am going to keep the OX or KPA. For my needs right now I lean towards OX but I’m looking for feedback and pointers because I see the value in the KPA and who knows maybe I’ll keep both.

    In a way the OX connected to my amp and board is similar to the Kemper. Set up the Logic, using the Apollo and on the computer I have the Eventide App amazing effects like the KPA, I have OX next to it where I can change cabinets and mics and also add effects. No knobs to tweak but its my sound. I am torn between which product is better for me. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Welcome! Don't know anything about the OX but I think you did the right thing by having both and comparing side by side. Don't forget to profile your favorite Princeton tone settings with the KPA. Good luck!

  • Hi and welcome. Don’t jump to any conclusions too soon. The kemper takes a while to get used to and to get the right tone for you. I’m sure the ox is great however you don’t get to access to 1000’s of amps the same as you do with the KPA. It’s all personal taste so I wish you luck with your decision.

  • This reminds me of Paul Davids vid comparing real amp with kemper and ox. He even used Princeton as well. It could be worthwhile checking his outcomes & reflecting those to yours while making decisions.

  • DonPetersen I am comparing a random Princeton profile from MBritt Grab and Go to my Princeton via the OX. It was suggested that I get my amp profiled and compare it to that. I haven’t done this yet. Although the profile sound good I like the OX more but I think I am splitting hairs and if I never tried the OX I’d be head over heels for the Kemper.

  • DonPetersen I am comparing a random Princeton profile from MBritt Grab and Go to my Princeton via the OX. It was suggested that I get my amp profiled and compare it to that. I haven’t done this yet. Although the profile sound good I like the OX more but I think I am splitting hairs and if I never tried the OX I’d be head over heels for the Kemper.

    could it be that you simply prefer your Princeton over the one profiled, which is not surprising since you are used to your amp?

    usually using a load box is not recommended, but in this case it might be a good idea and relatively easy to profile the amp with the OX providing the "mic'ed" part and compare these tones. ;)

  • Have both...keep both.

    They are very different products, with very different talents!

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  • Here's a couple of things to consider when determining what works best for you personally.

    The Ox, a load box on steroids, is meant to supplement an actual amp, e.g. your Princeton. With a real amp, you have every position of every knob.

    With the Kemper, you're taking a snapshot of a moment in time - the amp settings, the speaker(s) it's running through, the type of mic used, and the exact placement of the mic (where even small moves have major sonic consequences).

    So, a lot of it comes down to what you're looking to accomplish. If you typically dial in the amp to a particular sound, leave it, and play guitar (many people put their amp settings on "fire and forget"), I'm not sure the Kemper does much for you. The Ox lets you a) crank the amp for more overdrive but at a low volume and b) has things like cab simulation. If you mostly play clean, I'm not sure why you'd really even need a load box. In this scenario, I think the Princeton is the winner and you can sell both.

    If you want to experiment with a wide variety of sounds, the Ox will give you some cab choices, but ultimately it's all about the Princeton. If you want the clean sound from a 69 Plexi, well, it's still a Princeton. Perhaps one that's running through different cabs but, still a Princeton. This scenario is where the Kemper shines. I can go from a clean Princeton (and as others have mentioned, that can even be your Princeton) to a glass melting 5150, all with the turn of a knob (or click of a mouse).

    The other thing to keep in mind is that you're comparing the "amp in the room" sound of the Princeton / Ox with the "here's what it sounds like on the record" sound of a Kemper (aka apples and oranges for you fruit enthusiasts). It's meant to give you the final, polished recording studio sound that sits right in the mix, live or recording. It's' not going to sound exactly the same as what you get standing in front of the Princeton, with or without the Ox. But then, the Princeton / Ox won't sound like what you get standing in front of it once you put a mic on it and press Record.

    Which should you keep? Obviously, all of them. :)

    However, if you have to choose, it depends. First you need to know what you're going for. Then you can pick the best tool for the job.

  • I have both. There are pros and cons to both. The OX is very simple, sounds amazing right away. Plus, you can get many different sounds out of 1 amp by switching cabs, changing EQ, effect, room and mic settings. The Kemper takes some time to understand. It is very complex!

    My advice would be to profile your amp at the settings you love, and work to make it as similar as possible. Try different mic combinations, preamps, etc. I actually get very good results from just plugging a 57 right into the Kemper, depending on the amp I'm profiling.

    At first, I would have said that if I could only have one or the other, I'd keep the OX. Now that I've had the Kemper for a while, I'm still keeping the OX, but I'd keep the Kemper if I had to make a choice. Once you learn it, it's incredible. Good luck on your adventure!

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  • Thank you everyone for the input. The best advice I’ve received is to keep both! Probably exactly what is going to happen.

    I need to profile my Princeton and mess with it once it’s inside the Kemper. The Kemper is simply amazing so far and the stereo effects into my interface are truly stellar.