iMac in 'coma', trying to rescue rigs from Rig Manager through target disk mode

  • Hey,

    So my iMac in currently in a deep coma. Won't start up anymore, not even in safe mode.

    Anyway, trying to recover as much as possible using Target Disk mode to my new mac.

    I had my Rig Manager setup pretty organised with thousands of profiles. All per manufacturer folder, into an amp folder, into different cabs folders. Lots of hours of work.

    I've found the backups that I've made, and succesfully transfered it to the new mac, but I can't import the backup at all. It won't let me import new rigs in 'File' and can't open it in 'Restore Rig Manager Content'.

    What am I doing wrong, and is what I'l trying to do possible at all? Does it backup folder hierachy too?



  • I copied 'local library' which had all the folders, but when I check the profiles they are all named 'Repository R2.db'. All of them...

    Screenshot in attachment. I have no idea what that is... It's like the iMac lets me see the folders, but keeps the files themselves hidden.