Why two leds over DLY button?

  • I’m assuming you’re talking about your footswitch DLY lights. If you have two lit up, it probably means you’ve got that switch controlling two different effects. Toggle it off and on while watching the effects and stomps section of the Kemper unit and see what turns on and off.

  • I can't see any left / right repeats with any of the delay modules, despite clearly hearing some bouncing from one speaker to the other.

    I am still puzzled too on what the 2 lights are for?

  • It’s a remnant from years ago. With OS4 the delay slot became a full effect slot. Meaning you can put any effect there. They no longer flash and reflect the color of the effect chosen.

    Note that on the Stage, there is only one LED over the delay slot.

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  • Parallel/series option allows you to have different sounds. Parallel is how you would usual add delay and reverb when mixing a track sending the effects to an aux bus.it’s also how guys like Lukather used to use it in their big Bradshaw racks in the 80’s.

    In parallel mode the delay doesn’t have any reverb added to the repeats. If the reverb is before the delay parallel means no delay is added to the reverb tail. Only the direct signal gets each effect giving a cleaner sound which generally lets you run more of each effect without getting too mushy.

    In series mode the direct signal AND the first effect gets the second added. So if delay is first you get reverb on the direct signal plus more reverb on ever repeat. It can be the sound you want or it can be an overpowering mess. It all just depends on your settings and the sound you want to achieve. The series/parallel control gives you option but also lets you blend the options rather than just using the extreme either/or option. It’s a really useful flexible tool once you get used to it.