Mesa V-Twin DI profiles

  • I've just uploaded 8 profiles form my Mesa V-Twin.
    I profiled the V-Twin in the Screamer 50 power amp, then DI into the KPA. I took the suggested presets form the Mesa Boogie manual and tweaked them a little bit.
    Here's a short description:
    - Mesa V-Twin S 1: solo channel, bluesy sound;
    - Mesa V-Twin S 2: solo channel, gainer lead sound full;
    - Mesa V-Twin S 3: solo channel, more gain and a sound full in upper midrage;
    - Mesa V-Twin S 4: solo channel, a little less gain than the last two, and slighty less presence and mids
    - Mesa V-Twin S 5: solo channel, similar as above but more scooped;
    - Mesa V-Twin S 6: solo channel, similar as above but with more bass, tuned for my stratocaster;
    - Mesa V-Twin C 1: clean channel, nice mids here, very clean;
    - Mesa V-Twin C 2: clean channel, scopped in the mids and even cleaner than above.

    Enjoy and i wait for feedbacks! :thumbup:

  • Rack version, i heard good and bad things about the pedal version, but i didn't try it.
    If you like it you can buy it from me because i'm selling it :thumbsup:

    Maybe you should have sold it before you uploaded the profiles :D . Anyway, il love the "ultra clean" file, very cool if you add some modulation and amp compression :thumbup: