Can't find new reverbs!!

  • Hi folks,

    I just updated my Kemper and imported the new reverbs using the guide that came in the download from Kemper.

    It was all successful yet when I scroll through the reverbs on the Kemper, none of them are there.

    Has anybody else had this issue and hopefully a solution??



  • If you have upgraded the PROFILER OS to 5.7, the new reverb algorithms must be there. Open an effect module and dial the TYPE knob. This works regardless if you imported the new presets or not.

    The optional new reverb presets that can be downloaded and imported via USB stick belong to OS 5.7 as the title is indicating.

  • I updated the OS via USB.

    I then copied all 29 new reverbs onto the same USB and plugged it into the Kemper.

    I 'imported' them and the Kemper said I had "successfully imported all new presets..."

    I then loaded a reverb onto a new rig and scrolled trough them.

    However, none of the new ones are there.

    Am I right in saying all of them should begin with "REV"?

  • If you have installed operating system 5.7, the new reverbs are there, in every effect module from A to REV. Open one of these modules e. g. module D and turn the TYPE knob. The list of effects types includes the new reverb types e. g. Spring Reverb.

    If you have installed 5.7 AND imported the new effect presets, these must also be there. But effect presets are no Rigs! Again, open an effect module e. g. REV and turn the BROWSE knob to find the reverb presets amongst all the effect presets. And, yes, these start with "REV". But again, these don't show up in the Rig pool. These are no Rigs, these are presets.

    These concepts are explained in the manual.

  • I'm confident, that the TYPE knob lists all effect types including the new reverb types introduced in 5.7.

    I was turning the Type knob last night and couldn't find the EQs for the life of me. Turned the Browse knob and eventually got a couple of EQ presets to work from. Either I was having a really bad night or there may be a bug that isn't showing everything properly.

  • Were you looking in the right places? Given the fact that reverbs are now included in that list of all effect types, the order of effect types was slightly changed.

    On my PROFILER with public beta the equalizers show up between Wave Shaper and Compressor in every module A-REV. In revisions before 5.7 the equalizers were listed between boosters and Compressor.

    The delays were moved to the end of that list followed by the reverbs. Again, this applies to every effect module A-REV in 5.7. In the past there were five reverb types, exclusively showing up in the REV module.

  • Thanks Burkhard, I won't be at my KPA tonight or tomorrow so can't check but I looked through the list several times and didn't see them anywhere. It is possible I just missed them though.

    Is there a specific logic to the order of the Effect Types in the list because I must confess I find locating anything pretty difficult in that menu. It just doesn't make any sense to me. You guys normally have a very good reason for everything you do and you seldom do anything without giving it a great deal of thought. Therefore, I presume I am just not picking up on the logic.

  • I guess, the effect order is a mix. Effect types are organized by colors and categories first, then the typical order in the signal chain plays a role. So, delays and reverbs show up at the end.

    I think, this will become more clear in OS 6.0, when we introduce one integrated screen with three columns:

    effect categories

    effect types

    effect presets

  • Ok, so there isn't really a definitive logic ;)

    I have to say though, I am REALLY looking for ward to the new OS6.0 column structure. New reverbs are nice but that preset structure can't come soon enough. It looks like being a total game changer.


    This! The other new intros from NAMM will be great but hoping for the stable OS6.0 to come sooner.


    When I go through the type and the browse knobs. As a matter of fact there is not a single REV in the browse knob. In TYPE I have








    What am I missing?