Hi from a bewildered newbie

  • Thanks for all the welcomes.

    I am getting more familiar with the new toy, I have put the Kemper bass packs back in and have worked out how to modify them and "save as" a differrent name etc., also sussed out the favourite function.

    Getting my head around the Rig Manager a litte bit now also, can't get it change anything on more than one rig at a time though, maybe it can't be done?

    I'm so glad I did not go buy a "one trick pony" amp and got the Kemper.

    Thanks again

  • I am getting into it some more, getting Cab IR's into the Kemper is a bit or PITA because they can't be edited in the Rig Manager.

    I had to get a "file renamer" for my laptop to save the wavs as something more logical, but I got the "workflow" sussed.

    Saving Cabs into Rigs is my next topic, I could not get my head around it last night.

    I have got rid of all the "Guitar" junk :evil: and now only have Bass stuff in mine now, AKA seeing the wood from the trees style.

    I have also bought a Zilla case to put my Kemper in and have also ordered some rubberised knobs, I have very dry hands and find these types much better to use. I changed the ones on my keyboard & bass already, these will be in "loud" colours. :huh: