Kemper remote freeze/connection

  • Just got my KPA and remote 4 days ago. Updated it to the latest update ( public Beta)

    Now at my gig suddenly my remote freezes. The screen goes dark and when I unplug and plug back in it keeps looking for connection. After it can’t make a connection it turns itself off. I noticed that when my kemper is connected to my laptop and the internet the remote connects after a while and works again. But after a while it does the whole freeze/connection trick again.

    Is this a bug ? I personally don’t think its the cable but I’m not sure about anything. Anyone else having this issue lately ?

  • Hey, welcome to the board.

    Yes I've just had this issue come up as well, over the past week or so. My remote goes dark and starts looking for connection, then just turns off. I've had to re-boot the KPA to get the remote to re-connect again.

    Presume this is a bug in the beta, but will have to see if any others have issues. I thought about bad cable too, but that's unlikely since you are having this issue too. My KPA/Remote are several years old, and I've never had issues before.

    If anyone has any other ideas, please let us know.

  • Yup, I had the same problem.

    For trouble shooting sake, were you guys connected via Rig Manager as well when this occurred?

    I'm thinking that might be the problem but not convinced yet

  • I definitely had this problem before and 10 times out of 10, it was because the USB cable from the Kemper was connected to my MacBook, even though the Rig Manager was closed. Once I disconnected the USB cable from the hub, the problem has not recurred. Fingers crossed.