Windows 7 - Rig Manager 3.0 Editor

  • This as mod suggested, is a continuation here re Windows 7 / editor. I personally have no intention to ever go to spyware Windows 10, so hopefully I won't have any issues with Windows 7 and the editor. I also have Windows 7 on another machine that hasn't had a 'Windows update' since the first service pack, and everything runs fine on it, so I am not worried for the next 5 years or more.

    I haven't used other platforms, such as Linux or MAC, so no real experience other than an Ipad Air 2, but if necessary, I may move to something like that. It just seems with crap like Windows 10, Microsoft is on its way out or will morph into something completely different in the next few years.

  • That conversation got started as a result of my post asking them not to drop support for 7, and highlighting my reasons for not running 10. It turned into a discussion about the relative merits of 10, which the mods rightfully asked us to stop since it was off topic for the editor thread.

    My biggest objection to 10 has been the fact that even corporate / enterprise customers were unable to disable Windows automatic updates, only defer them. I've had enough bad experiences with Windows updates causing a problem that I prefer to be in control of if and / or when I install them. Because an update can cause show stopper problems for a given application or the environment at large, my feeling is that having the updates randomly occur without being able to prevent them renders a computer unreliable since at any moment MS could push an update that destabilizes your environment or kills your app.

    While it's true that there have been third party apps out since the beginning of 10 that attempt to circumvent Microsoft's architecture, if it's not an action supported by Windows itself I consider it to be a hack (not meant disrespectfully) because MS typically comes back around and plugs those holes. So, I'm not comfortable with the third party approach to solving the update problem.

    That said, Damian pointed me to some group edit stuff that he says now allows users to 100% disable automatic updates if you like. Since he's the programmer responsible for Toast Me, I respect his tech credentials on such things.

    I haven't had a chance to install 10 on a test machine to verify this yet. If completely disabling automatic updates is now supported by MS via Windows utilities, that would remove my objection to running 10.

    The reality is that Windows 7 has about a year left of life

    With respect, while I'm sure you understand the reality of things, statements like this can lead less computer-savvy people to believe that once MS drops support for a version of Windows, it simply stops working.

    In reality, it continues to work just fine. The only thing that stops is MS providing security / bug fix updates. In fact, it's not uncommon in the corporate world for environments to stay one or two versions behind on Windows because the version they're running has proven stable and suitable for the task at hand. In fact, this was the case back when I was writing air traffic control software, and we didn't have any problems with planes prematurely acquiring the ground. :)

    I do plan on giving Damien's suggestion a try and whenever I get around to that will share my experience.

    As for the Kemper editor and 7, it's unlikely that I'm going to upgrade the operating system that works just fine for all of my studio needs to a new version that may or may not cause problems (OS upgrades are always an adventure) just to use the editor, so I guess I'll miss out on that, as will any other users who aren't willing to upgrade from 7. I don't really need an editor anyway, so it's not a crisis, just a toy I don't get to play with.

  • Win7 is nice..but win10 is the same..only more things.

    I have win10 in my PC i have no internet connection in home..autoupdates\spy issue solved. Works fine.

    If you have a pc for audio i think its better not use it for internet.

  • Win7 is nice..but win10 is the same..only more things.

    I have win10 in my PC i have no internet connection in home..autoupdates\spy issue solved. Works fine.

    If you have a pc for audio i think its better not use it for internet.

    Well, keep in mind, most everything you have on your computer has updates done by the program. That is the only connection I have for my music system. Just long enough to check for updates, update them, then disconnect.

    I have windows 7 on my other computers. There is absolutely no Need to update for me. There will be no foreseeable changes I need to update for. Not worried about security updates ending, I had an older system still running on XP without many security updates and never had a problem with anything.

    Windows 10 is spyware, and a lot is deeply embedded. They just made an attempt again to force people to move from windows 7, called it an ‘accident’.

    Who puts so much effort like that if they didn’t benefit from it. ;-)