Option paralysis?

  • Hey guys!

    Sorry, I know I have a similar thread. This would really help myself, but may also help other newbies.

    How do you deal with option paralysis? Say you want a profile of a Mesa Mark 5. Where do you go? There are so many folk who make profiles - and it can be overwhelming where to get profiles.

  • I once heard a user say something to the effect of, “Just buy a handful of MBritt packs and be done with it.” While I don’t necessarily think his are the end-all of profiles, they do have a massive and proven following, and I think there’s wisdom behind those words. It’s the endless searching and hoping for something better that kills the creative process.

    MBritt, Tone Junkie, Top Jimi, The Amp Factory — these guys all offer bundles with enough of the core elements to take you anywhere you want to go. Diving in and learning the controls can get you the rest of the way.

    For the record, I’m right there with you.