How do I recall the new Celestial speaker presets?

  • I imported them into my Kemper through USB stick...

    The importing was "successful".. but for the love of everything that's good.. I cannot find them!

    I cannot recall them!

    Please help?

    PS:I also Imported somer ever presets... where is this stuff in the Kemper now???

  • austriarock

    Changed the title of the thread from “How to import back performances from rig manager to the Kemper” to “How do I recall the new Celestial speaker presets?”.
  • Hi ,if they are not in your cabinet section then something went wrong.

    select Cabinet then use browse knob to scroll through them,

    Same with reverbs select reverbs and scroll using browse knob till you get to REV

    Hope you get them


  • Thank you sir.. I only posted here after doing that..., unfortunately the Kemper reports having successfully restored all factory presets after that operation.. but it does not... so when you re-boot and start.. the menu is still empty of any presets at all. I eventually just blanked the while thing and grabbed them from the "Factory Presets" from the Rig Manger by dragging them in.

    Thanks for your kind response